Jokes SMS Text Messages Funny and Humorous Collection

{SCA} Nothing brings a smile on someone’s face as quickly as a joke. It can lighten up the gravest of situation and let people be free of their tensions a bit.

Though telling a joke in person is the most effective, SMS jokes are not too far behind also.

You can use jokes messages for bring a smile to someone who is sitting thousands of miles away. We agree that finding time for meeting or calling people often is quite difficulty.

In the following lines, we have compiled a collection of the latest rude text messages. Show your anger or your humorous side to others by sending these messages. These new, free and best collection of jokes sms text messages are in english, hindi and urdu languages.

Go through the SMS jokes collection given below and enjoy sending these free messages to everyone dear.

1. 50 Paise

Bikhari: 50 paise de do. Maine 3 din se khana nahin khaya hai.
Kanjoos: 10 rupaye dunga, pahele ye bata 50 paise mein khana kahan milta hai.

2. Ugly

A baby monkey asks his father, Father why r we so ugly? The father says to him, don’t stress my son u should see the one who is reading this

3. Call for Backup

A police recruit was asked during exam, “What would u do if u had to arrest ur own mother?” He said, “Call for backup.

4. Dead Body Cycling to School

Teacher: Bobby! Join these two sentences together.
I was cycling to school. I saw a dead body.
Bobby: I saw a Dead Body Cycling to school.

5. Aapki Kanjusi Dil Ko Bha Gai

Aapki kanjusi dil ko bha gai,
Hamain bhi apne balance ki qadar aagai,
Socha ab aapkomessage na karain,
Magar ye kambakht dosti hamain yaad aagai.

6. Arz Kiya Hai

ki vaada tha unka khwabo me milne ka
ki vaada tha unka khwabo me milne ka
hamari badkismati thi ki hame neend na aayi

7. Birdy Birdy in The Sky

Birdy birdy in the sky, left a poopie in my eye. Me don’t care, me don’t cry, me just happy that a cow can’t fly!

8. Have You Caught The Thief

Police Inspector : Have you caught the thief?
Sharef : No, but I found some trace of him.
Police Inspector : What?
Sharef : Finger prints.
Police Inspector : Where?
Sharef : On my cheeks.

9. Degrees of Girls

Degrees of girls!
B.A.-Beautiful Angel
B.E.-Beautiful Eyes
B.Sc.-Beautiful Structure
B.Com-Beautiful Communication
M.B.A.-Married But Awesome!