Khush To Bahot Hoge Tum – Funny Jokes SMS

Nothing brings a smile on someone’s face as quickly as a joke. It can lighten up the gravest of situation and let people be free of their tensions a bit. Though telling a joke in person is the most effective, SMS jokes are not too far behind also.

Share these funny jokes sms text messages with your  friends, family members and all those who are close to you and seem them smiling for a long time afterward.

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1. Khush To Bahot Hoge Tum

Khush to bahot hoge tum,Ki forward karne ke liye SMS mil gaya,Magar aab kya karoge…?Jab msg me kuch bhi nahi mila…?Ha ha ha ha

2. 50 Paise De Do

Bikhari: 50 paise de do. Maine 3 din se khana nahin khaya hai.
Kanjoos: 10 rupaye dunga, pahele ye bata 50 paise mein khana kahan milta hai.

3. Life is Like Math

Life is like math. Friends ko plus kro , dushman ko minus kro, khushion ko multiply kro, Gham ko divide kro, aur hamesha muskrao.

4. Itni Khushi Bardasht Nahi Kar Sakta

Wife- i will die. Husband- i will also die. Wife- Why do you want 2 die? hosband- bcoz ma itni khushi bardasht nahi kar sakta:!

5. Message Pe Message Bhejte Ho

Message pe message bhejte ho, bhej bhej ke bheja kharab karte ho, bhejte ho toh bhi kya bhejte ho, khud ka bheja to chalta nahi dosron ka bheja hua bhejte ho!!

6. Phonebook Dilemma

Why r there no phone books in China?
Coz there r so many Wing’s and Wong’s,
They r afraid u will Wing the Wong number.

7. Days are Too Busy

Hours are too fast
Seconds are too few
But there’s always Time for me?
To disturb you