Politics SMS Text Messages Awesome and Unique Collection

{SCA} This beautiful free collection comprises of a wide variety of politics sms text messages.

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1. Ae Watan Ke Sajeele Syasat-Dano

Ae Watan Ke Sajeele Syasat-dano

Sare Raqbay Tumare Liye Hain

Kothiyon Ke Talbgar Ho Tum

Plaaton Ke Paristar Ho Tum

O Zalalat Ki Zinda Misalo

Saray jhagrray tumhare liye hen,

Tum Hi Se Qaim Budget Ka Khasara

Loot k piyo ab khoon hamara,

Aey Jahanum k zinda nishano,

Sare Funds Tumare Liye Hain

O Pak Watan Ke Ghaddaro

O America Ke Wafadaro

Ye jitni b hen is jahan me,

Tamam Laanaten Tumare Liye Hain….!Wake up PAKISTAN.

2. A Promising Young Man

A promising young man
should go into politics so that he can
go on promising for the rest of his life.

3. politics is The Gentle Art

Politics is the gentle art
of getting votes from the poor
and campaign funds from the rich,
by promising to protect each from the other.

4. karachi Main Taliban

Arz kia ha..

Karachi main agar agaye talibaan..

Wah wah..

Kia arz krdia ha mene

karachi main agar agaye talibaan,,

to kesi lage gi burqay main shiri rehman.

5. MQM



Sirf aur sirf…!

Ke liye hein…

Magar Yaad rakho…!

Khaal sirf aur sirf

ke liye hai…

6. Altaf Bhai

Devils went to Court to Prove
that he is The Most,
Cruel & wicked Guy on Earth.

But he Failed, He Came Out Angrily & Asked,
Yaar ye “ALTAF BHAI” kon hai?