To Accomplish Great Things – Fresh Good Luck SMS Messages

The good luck and blessings conveyed by our near and dear ones, for any hurdles that we face in life, mean a lot to us. They give us strength to tackle all the obstacles that life brings across and help us accomplish our goals. One of the best ways of wishing good luck to a person is by sending text messages for the same.

Share these good luck sms text messages with your  friends, family members and all those who are close to you and seem them smiling for a long time afterward.

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1. To Accomplish Great Things

To accomplish great things,
We must not only act,
But also dream,
Not only plan but also believe,
Best wishes for your exam.

2. The Hope

The Hope, the Struggle and the Hard Work
Towards a goal is part of the rewards.
Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward
Good Luck!

3. Good Luck

Stealing the blue from the splashing seas, A tinge of green from the youthful trees, A bit of orange from the sunset hues, With crystal white from the morning dews, I have framed a bright and colourful wish Just for you. GOOD LUCK!

4. Har Kamyabi Pay Aap Ka Naam Hoga

Har kamyabi pay aap ka naam hoga,
Apke har qadam pay duniya ka salam hoga,
Mushkilon ka samna himmat sey karna,
Dua hai ek din waqt bhi apka ghulam hoga..

Good Luck & All the best

5. Meaning of Some Colors

Meaning of some colors,
Yellow 4 special friends,
White 4 peace,
Orange 4 luck,
Black 4 hate,
Red 4 love and
So I choose for u Orange Flower.
Wish u good luck

6. Every Bad Situation Will Have Something Positive

Every bad situation will have something positive…Even a stopped Clock is correct twice a day…Think of this & lead ur life….Good LUCK..

7. A Sweeter Smile, a Brighter Day

A sweeter smile,
A brighter day,
Hope everything turns out better 4 u 2morrow.
May ALLAH be with you always.

Good Luck

8. A Tinge of Green from The Youthful Trees

A tinge of green from the youthful trees
A bit of orange from the sunset hues
With crystal white from the morning dews
I have framed a colourful wish just for u