Wise SMS Text Messages for Friends Great Collection

{SCA} Wise SMS text messages are usually send to dear ones when we go away from them or they go far away from us.

These best, new and emotional collection of wise SMS text messages are in english and urdu languages.

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1. Commitment Doesn’t Mean Sticking to a Person

Commitment doesn’t mean sticking to a person
when you don’t have any option,
it means keeping a relation with someone
even though you ve lots of options.

2. Beautiful Thoughts

Agr ghalat fehmiyan dur na ki jaen to wo nafraton ma tabdil ho jati hain.
jo shakhs tum se dosron k aib bayan karta hy wo yakenan dusron se tmhari burai bhi bayan karta hy.
paani bno jo apna rasta khud bnata hy
Pathar na bno jo dosron ka rasta rok leta hy.

3. Each Moment of ur Life

Each moment of ur life is a picture which u had never seen before. And which ull never see again so enjoy & live life & make each moment beautiful.

4. Life Is Not Always Smooth and Soft

Life is not always smooth and soft
There may be narrow ways up and downs darkness and shadows
Overcome everything with wisdom and patience.

5. Tackle Life With All ur Skills

Tackle life with all ur skills,
Overcome each and every hill.
If u persist with all ur will,
You’ll enjoy ur life and all its thrills.

6. It’s Not That Some People

It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t.
It’s that some people are ready 2 change and others are not

7. Never Play

Never play with the others’ feelings!
You may win the game, but the risk is that
You will lose the person for lifetime.

8. Every Night We Go to Bed

Every night we go to bed,
We have no assurance of
Getting up alive in the next morning
But still you have plans for the coming day;
That?s Hope. Never stop hoping!

9. Find Time for the Special People in Your Life

Find time for the special people in your life.
Otherwise, one day you will find time but not
The special one to share it with you.