Babloo Top Pakistani Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Profile

Babloo Makeup Artist – Background

Babloo (real name: Agha Imran Ali Khan) is a popular Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist in Pakistan. Babloo was born in lahore, Punjab. According to the Makeup Artist Babloo, working as a Fashion stylist is a full time job and requires dedication. You have to devote yourself to earn a well reputed place in the competitive world of style & Fashion. In born and God gifted interest pushed the Hair Stylist Babloo to enter the Pakistani Fashion industry, when  Babloo had to earn for his family, only at the age of 14. Makeup Artist Babloo started working in that little age and had faced many problems in the start of his career. Fashion Stylist Babloo worked very hard to overcome those hurdles, especially during the initial stages of his professional carrier. With the passage of time Hair Stylist Babloo become popular among the Pakistani Fashion Personalities, as Makeup Artist Babloo has worked with almost all the prominent face of the Pakistani Fashion Industry and Pakistani Showbiz Industry. Babloo always considers some important aspects of the personality, like the complexion, features, occasion, etc. This might be the reason that Makeup Artist Babloo is successfully running his own Pa in Lahore.

“I know I can establish my name on an individual basis. I have my own set-up now with my own set of rules. When you are working for an organization you have to abide by its rules. I wanted to go beyond that,” says Babloo. Babloo decided to use the human face as his canvas for his artistic skills… He, as a tenth grader got introduced to Massarat Misbah of Depilex and was highly impressed. Babloo says, “Depilex is the only platform from which many make-up artists have taken off in Pakistan. Masarrat baji gave me a free hand. Her support nurtured my talent to a great extent. The secret behind her success is that she is always accessible to her staff and looks after them very well. I met all the top stars of the country and had the opportunity to groom them which I would not have had anywhere else. Depilex still continues to play a very important part in my life.”

Does he have any acclaimed lensman in particular working for him? “Yes, I’ve asked Tony (Navaid Rashid), a friend of many years, to help me out. He is a known Freelance Fashion and Bridal Photographer who has worked extensively in fashion. I trust him and admire his work. He, in turn, understands my sense of style. Together, I’m sure we can make a good team. He still hasn’t agreed to join forces with me on permanent basis, though, but I’m trying to convince him to set up his studio in my saloon.”

The response from people after he Quit Depilex has been overwhelming for him. “Everyone is saying that it’s about time I started working on my own. So until the dream of a salon materializes, I decided not to waste time. I am working really hard. It’s difficult at the beginning. But I am sure God will help me in my ambition to do something unique.”

Babloo is talented Pakistani stylist who is Running Babloo Saloon with the philosophy. “I believe makeup should make you feel good about yourself, not self conscious. I feel it is important to understand my client’s needs and preferences so I can create a makeup application that is utterly stunning but still stays true to my client’s own beauty.”

Babloo Salon Address:
Location: Defence, Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone: 92-0300/0321-9465996
Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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