Depilex Pakistan Beauty Clinic and Salon Background


Tody,30 year down the line, Masarrat can reminisce over the eventful three decades spanning her seccessful venture into the world of Deplix. Thanks to her trailazing appeoach and brilliant conceptions, the beauty business in pakistan has flourished. Paving the way for today’s highly successful world of pakistan fashion and beauty. Prior to the start of depilex. Depilex is one of the top leading names of such stylists’ corner, and Musarrat Misbah, is the name behind this big beauty salon.

In those circumstances, stylist Musarrat Misbah brought some revolution in the scenario, with the launch of Depilex. Stylist Musarrat Misbah has got proper training of make-up and beauty therapy.

Hard work and consistency in high standard notwithstanding, one of the main reasons for the success of depilex has been the fact that Masarrat is well versed in the art of makeup as is fully trained in this field. People who have no concept of hair and make-up are running most of the salons in the country, but the depilex staff is well traind due to the the face that Masarrat feels that skin and hair need to be handled very carefully and technically.

This is one reason why along with the depilex beauty clinic an institute has also been running simultaneously for the past 30 years and has helped instill the art of beauty therapy in aspiring beauticians.

Depilex now has 25 branches in pakistan and Dubai, UAE. In fact, depilex is pakistan’s only salon that has a branch in a foreign country. Plans are underway to open new branches in England and The Us.