Nabila Famous Pakistani Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Nabila Top Pakistani Stylist and Beautician Profile

Nabila (full name Nabila Maqsood) is a famous Stylist by a profession in Pakistan fashion industry. She is like a star how shinning on fashion and style industry’s sky. She is successful stylist celebrity in Pakistani fashion industry. She is very hard working woman. She has been enhancing the beauty and style world by adding her innovative and artistic ideas. Stylist Nabila is tremendously proving herself through her make-overs and latest styling techniques. One of her big hits is styling Lux Style Awards outstandingly. 2006 marks the third time the Lux Style Awards have roped Nabila in as creative stylist.

Stylist, beautician, image consultant and more… here’s no single word that can define Nabila except for the fact that she makes everything she works on look good, including herself. Hair consultations, skin checks, image makeovers, colour appraisals, style management,meetings, Nabila guarantees smooth, professional guidance to all.

The best thing about Nabila is the professionalism, she maintains and the fact that she is a go-getter is every sense of the word. She has trained a team of extremely professional stylists and has salons in Lahore as well as Karachi. She brought Pakistan’s first high end nail bar to both cities and one can vouch for the fact that once you’ve been to Nail Express, no other nail service can be good enough. Nabila has also managed a successful image consultancy firm for many years now: Zinc has catered to Babra Sharif, Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhter, Ali Zafar and Hadiqa Kiani being just a few of her high profile clients.

Reinvention is the word Nabila uses over and over again and it is in this quest to uncover and rediscover new avatars that Nabila keeps herself so excited about things around her. Her newly renovated saloon welcomes the change too: the twilight whites and smoky grey replaced by pinks and a florescent shade of purple. Flashy, in one word. For a woman whose wardrobe has always predominantly been black, white and shades of grey this reinvention is unbelievable. But it is very much part of her now, from the crimson loungers on her rooftop to the brightly labeled tubes of L’Oreal Professionnel hair colour displayed in a newly constructed ‘colour bar’ at her salon.

Twenty years into the business Nabila is an icon in herself a diva who in fact has more star power than most of the celebrities. She serves with Pakistan’s A-class superstars on her client list actors, actresses, musicians, cricketers, vjs and models included that is no small feat. She believes that the image she gives her clients must always be as meticulous as her own. In this post we showcase some extremely charming examples of Nabila’s Model Makup Photography.

Nabila Picture with Models – Gallery