Looking Gorgeous With Aviator Sunglasses

The name is self explanatory. These shades were originally used by aviators when they are on duty. Typical of their job, these shades are hardy and designed to keep strong currents and wind out of the wearer’s eyes. The aviator sunglasses are dark colored to give the wearer ample protection from glaring light. Originally, these sunglasses were available with military gear only. These days, of course, aviator sunglasses have become a widely popular fashion statement.

To be fair the aviation industry, more than the military, had a critical role to play in marketing the aviator design by Ray-Ban. Aviator sunglasses have earned their reputation not only through looks alone, but through the glamour, respect and mystique that surround pilots and the aviation industry.

You can make your presence felt with any of the brightly colored summer frames that vintage aviator sunglasses come in, starting from blue, yellow and shallow red to full metallic jacket frames or mirrored glasses.