Are You Know Star Tattoos Meaning

There are many reasons for a person to get a tattoo. One of the main reasons is because they want it to have personal meaning. This is why so many people get a star tattoo. It has a long history of being a symbol for people. The most common meaning behind this tattoo is in nautical terms. In the days when sailors had to find their own way in the waters, they would follow the stars and the sun for direction. When people started getting tattoos, they would look to the star as a form of self guidance.

In other words, the star tattoo symbolizes finding the right path in life. Even these same sailors who would look to the stars for literal direction would tattoo stars on themselves as a good luck symbol. For them, having this tattoo would mean they would have a safe trip home.

Although the tattoo has nautical roots to it, you do not have to be a modern day sailor to find hope and meaning in a star. Anyone looking for direction in their own life can benefit from the meaning of this tattoo. Whether you want to remember from where you came or just for future direction in life it can take you to where you want to be.

Along with guidance and self direction, the star tattoo also can symbolize safety. This relates to the sailors again. Because they would tattoo a star as a way to guide themselves home, they were looking to go to a place that felt safe to them. Their ventures on the water were unpredictable but their home was their home. They knew what to expect there so it felt safe to them. By tattooing a star, they always would have that feeling of being safe at home even when they were away at sea.

Types of Star Tattoos

Shooting Star:

Shooting stars tend to be associated with a moment in time that left a lasting impression, whether a short romance, special event, a person, job, anything that may have changed the person’s life.

Nautical Star:

Before modern navigation sailors navigated by using the stars- usually the North Star. They often got tattoos of nautical stars in a superstitious sense, hoping that the star would help them get home safely.

The nautical star is often a symbol of protection and guidance. Some see nautical stars as a means to create your own path.

Nautical stars are often referred to as compass stars, which were similar to the nautical star in that sailors used them to help guide their way in the night.

Pentagram Star:

The pentagram is a popular star tattoo and its meaning is generally varied by whether or not the star points up or down. When facing downward, most feel it is a satanic sign symbolizing the head of a Ram. If the pentagram is pointed upward, according to Celtic beliefs, is a symbol of protection, balance, magic and story-telling. The five points represent the four elements with the fifth point on top representing the Spirit who reigns over all of the elements. These star tattoos are recommended for anyone looking to symbolize a sense of harmony as well.

The Star of David:

The Star of David or hexagram is another popular star among religious aspect. This star originated from the fact that it was said that David once carried a shield that resembled the six pointed star when he defeated Goliath in battle. It symbolizes the Divine’s interaction with man-kind. This star has also been referred to as the Seal of Solomon or the Creator’s Star. This Jewish star has been seen throughout centuries, even back in the days of the Nazis and is one of the more popular star tattoo designs.

Seven Pointed Star:

The seven pointed star, known as the septa gram, is appealing to the mystical side of any individual as this is what it represents. This can be tied to many Hindu symbols when paired with the seven planets. The fact that the number seven itself has always held significance in superstitions of luck and fortune also plays into the septa gram. It is also believed that this star represents the perfect male.


The eight pointed star symbolizes fullness and regeneration. It is often seen with eight-fold systems such as trigrams, the pagan wheel of the year, and the Ogdoad of ancient Egypt.


The nine pointed star symbolizes achievement and stability. It can represent stability in terms of change. Often the ninepointed star is seen with nine fold systems such as the nine Taoist kanji.