Black Light Tattoo Designs For 2011

No, this not an X ray, this is the hottest trend in the tattoo world. Black light tattoos or UV tattoos have zillions of admirers all around the globe. Black light tattoos are made with UV reactive ink. If the entire tattoo is carved with this special ink, then it is only visible in black light.

I find these tattoos hot and a great way of having something creative done with art. You can have two awesome tattoos if you apply the UV ink in or around your regular tattoo. You can have your regular day time tattoo and at the night your shining club tattoo. Black light tattoos are completely invisible in normal light, although some scars from the tattoo gun can be seen. Black light tattoos naturally becomes visible under black or UV light. So be sure before you want to get black light tattoos on your body.

Black Light Tattoo Designs For 2011 | Stylish Photo Gallery

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