Brief History of The Tibetan Tattoos

For anyone interested in tattoos and in particular the history of Tibetan tattoos, which are closely linked to the Buddha, this article provides valuable insight into how tattoos came into being and their history and symbolism in Tibet, the rooftop of the world.

The word tattoos it is interesting to note is derived from the Polynesian word ‘ta’ meaning to strike something and the Tahitian word ‘tatau’ meaning to mark something. Tattoo history dates back some 5000 years and has a diversity that is unsurpassed. A tattoo is created by inserting colored materials underneath the skin surface to form a particular design or pattern.

The Tibetan people are one of the most courageous and friendly races – a people who have lost their country but not their hope. The Tibetans are a strong race that have not given up and a country that has embraced the teachings of the Buddha, closely weaving them into the very fabric of their existence. The Tibetans’ use of symbols and tattoos to integrate culture and tradition into Buddhism is a thing of beauty indeed.

While the Buddha discouraged the use of images, over the years different cultures interacting with Buddhism gave rise to a rich and varied Buddhist iconography which includes tattoos. The Tibetan people have adopted the Buddha tattoos for their own and created a history of Tibetan tattoos that blends their culture and traditions to give new meaning to them.

Tibetan Tattoo Symbols:

2012 with only two years away I hear a lot about the prophecy Biblical most modern religions interpret as “the end of the world.” Of course, this is due to several cosmologies from around the world with calendars Astrological with dates from 2011 until 2013. These philosophies include Hopi, Tibetan beliefs, and the famous Mayan calendar. I noticed in the past, has never been a lack of exciting performances on these predictions. The challenge I found is the lack of unity these theories seem to have. This is not a new trend. Throughout history when new philosophies were born rarely seems to pay much credit to your sources.

You will notice that most of the Symbols, rituals and festive Pagan (A word used for local or indigenous Roman) roots. Religion is the oldest game in the world. Furthermore mysticism through the ages has adopted many beliefs that are mostly in modern religion. There is a teaching the Bible says, for two or three witnesses to the truth. I think that combining different philosophies that we can find some clarity on these predictions difficult.

When they are mentioned in 2012, a review or two on the Maya probably appropriate. The Mayan calendar consists of a set of wheels or gears of different sizes. This combination creates the “Long Count dates” dates and “new”. December 21, 2012 represents a step that cycles around roughly every 26,000 years. Some of the shamans from around the world believe that this marks the beginning of a period of intense activity on Earth, including several catastrophic events. Although we may discuss details of these events, they agreed that the results will cause humanity to move to a higher state of consciousness. We must also consider the Mayan calendar in terms of stations.

The fact that Technically, spring begins March 21 does not spring to ensure that the time of the day. With a season of 26000 years is difficult to know what day one specific event occurs on. It reminds me of an old saying: “No one knows the hour or day of my arrival.” Still, it was difficult to pin point accurate forecasts of days, but if you look carefully, you can certainly see the change of seasons. Therefore, I give information as a wild card, I think the key to unlock the prophecy is in our own species. The most specific entry that I found recently ordinary people and their experiences. Dream time pay much attention to it in the coming years and you may find you have more answers you thought possible.