Cool Angel Tattoo Designs for Women 2012

Angel tattoos usually represent spirituality, love or the protection of God. However, it is not many who understand the possible history and depth of angels inked on their bodies. Angel is affiliated with top magnificence, electrical power and grace which has different representations like a group of angels or simply an angels wings, all of them representing a little something unique.

Angel tattoo designs can also show the eternal battle of good and evil in which archangels are shown in battle. It took couple of hundreds of years for Christianity to adapt to the belief. The most well known of these is Lucifer. Therefore angel not merely represents fragile spirit, but in addition the darker side of inner beliefs. So, here in this post I’m going to share with you very beautiful angel tattoo designs for your inspiration. Hope you will like them.

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Remember that there are many other angels and some of them have interesting jobs. Do your research before designing you angel tattoo designs.