Different Heart Tattoos and Their Meanings

Tattoos are a great way to express oneself. Symbolic tattoos and pictorial tattoos helps expressing ones ideas about life, political and social issues. Even spiritual tattoos are quite common which express the person’s spiritual beliefs. Tattoos are quite often drawn to show of certain religious beliefs. A cross tattoo depicts that fact of the person’s faith in Christianity. And Angels are drawn as tattoos which represents good spirits. Dragon tattoos are quite common in the Japanese and Chinese culture.

Tattoos are generally described as symbols, and symbols are pictures which tell something without using any word. Thus different tattoos tell us different things. It depends up on the people who wear it and what kind of message he would want to represent. In most of the times the real meaning of tattoos is not known to the person who is painting it. And thus it may not match to the person’s values in life. It is better to know the proper meaning of the tattoo and then wear it to avoid any wrong indication.

For decades, heart tattoos have been a popular symbol for people looking to express their love in a permanent way. As tattooing styles and techniques have improved, so has the demand for high-quality and unique heart tattoos. The meanings behind these symbolic tattoos is as diverse as the people who have them, but they all begin from the same basic form.

Since the early 1900s, heart tattoos have been a common selection for tattoo aficionados. As tattooing became more mainstream, it was commonplace to see men, usually sailors, sporting the typical red, round heart with “Mom” in the center. Soldiers leaving for World War II often made a trip to their local tattoo parlor to get a girlfriend’s name inked on a heart before heading overseas. Tattooing became more than just a cosmetic rebellion for the fringes of society; it brought people closer and helped servicemen take a small part of home into battle.

Common Heart Tattoo Meanings:

Heart tattoos can symbolize any number of meanings, melancholies and characters. The most common heart in the western society is the red one standing for love. You will find these hearts quite regularly together with roses or banners showing the loved one’s name to declare eternal passionate love. Heart tattoos in combination with daggers, swords or knives can appear for both, betrayal or bravery. It always depends on the person wearing the tattoo.

One kind of heart tattoo design is generally recognized as the “sacred heart of Christ”. The person wearing this heart tattoo is expressing his or her commitment to an understanding of the love of Christ in a Christian meaning.

Tribal hearts done in simple colors normally symbolize someone who can control his feelings. Heart tattoos with wings, typically found on the shoulder, chest or lower back represent a joyful and free spirited person. A heart tattoo design with a halo above it can express this as well.

There are hardly any motifs in today’s world that can stand up to the complexity of the heart, and heart tattoos are not different to this. Regardless what they symbolize, feeling, loss or love, heart tattoos have been known for centuries and their popularity is rising year by year.

However, it doesn’t matter if it is someone’s very first tattoo or his or hers tenth, heart tattoos are always everlasting reflections of the feelings of the person wearing it.

Heart Tattoo Designs Ideas:

Heart tattoos are popular with people who want to express their love in a symbolic way. There are a variety of designs to choose in this category to make a statement. Here are some basic design ideas to guide you to the ideal heart tattoo.

Celtic heart: Celtic design ideas include the intricate knot patterns which wrap around the heart design. The best location for this unique design idea is around the wrist or leg.

Broken heart: These designs are usually reserved for those who either lost a love one or gone through a pain separation and may include names or dates.

Locked heart: This is popular among couples who hope to share eternal love for each other. One partner would get the heart with a lock symbol and the other partner get a tattoo key to open the heart. Sometimes, the names of the partners are included with the tattoo and that combination is a great idea until the couple breaks up.

Pierced heart: The variations on the tattoo design can include a dagger or arrow. The dagger in the heart usually represents a moment of grief or betrayal. The arrow through the heart can display passion or love and something this design includes a small child with wings holding a bow and arrow (Cupid).

Sacred heart: Sacred designs are commonly designed with heart surrounded by thorns and flames on top. For the faithful, it may be used to show your devotion to a spiritual being or represent a form of strength.