Tattoo Ideas: Get Your Ideas Before You Ink

Tattoos are among the hottest fashion trend nowadays. Tattoos are among the best types of art that are being converted into a type of fashion due to the high demand brought by people. Both men and women love to have their own tattoo design since when you are having one, then it is being considered that you are in, with the latest trends. When it comes to tattoos, you can expect that there are lots of designs that you can choose and have it as your own personalized tattoo.

Many tattoo artists gave much effort in discovering for the best design that they can apply for tattooing and all these became the latest trends of fashion nowadays. One of the best tattoo designs that you can have is the star tattoo design. Star tattoos are among the best designs that are commonly among the choice of women. From the time that it started its existence it already became popular since many had found it cute and nice to look at.

On our website you will find a huge list of tattoo ideas, complete with meanings and images! The easiest way to move around the website is to use the left navigation bar. It lists all the tattoo types and body spots you might consider. We have many articles that will give you all the information you need to get inked. In fact we recommend that you start with the ones listed below:

Tattoo Healing and Aftercare:

After getting the tattoo on your skin it is equally important to heal your skin of the needle injuries it has suffered and ensure that the tattoo remains in good shape. Unless you take good care the skin may get damaged and the tattoo disfigured. Some tips are given below on how a new tattoo is to be cared for.

Normally, it takes about a month to heal completely. Your tattoo artist might have covered the skin with a bandage. Keep it intact for two hours, whatever may be the compulsions to remove it. Your friends may be curious to see how the new tattoo looks like. They can wait.

During the first five days most people experience pain, soreness and irritation. You may have even swelling and redness over the tattooed skin. Wash the area with mild soap and clean, lukewarm water at least five times a day. After each wash pat the skin dry using a soft towel or paper towel. Apply some antibiotic cream over the tattoo every time. That will prevent the chances of contracting any infection.

During the next three weeks you have to take care that the tattoo does not dry up. Use a good moisturizing cream regularly. The cream must be free of fragrance and dyes. Using the cream will also prevent scabbing. Scabbing will cause scars and the scars make the tattoo look ugly. Avoid sunlight during the healing period. It will damage your healing skin.

Getting Tattoos – Does It Hurt?

Many people who wish to have tattoos but do not do that just because they are afraid that it hurts them while having the tattoos with a battery of needles. The fact is that the incidence of pain is different for different people. Let us examine what happens when the tattoo needle pierce your skin.

Some people are terrified at the sight of a needle itself. When they fancy that the needle is about to go into your body their fear is increased several fold. Many of them are aware that when it is actually goes in it does not hurt. From their past experience with minor injections they know very well that they will not even feel the piercing. Still the sight of a needle which is about to pierce their skin is horrifying. Such people may not be able to stand the sight of their own blood. It is better for them not to go for tattoos.

In reality the pain of tattooing is very little. The pain is not more than that of a scratch or at the most a pin prick. On the fleshy parts of the body it is less hurting. Doing tattoos on bones and thin skin hurts more. It goes without saying that sensitive parts hurt even more.

Religious Tattoos:

Most probably, the history of religious tattoos is as old as that of tattoo itself. All the rituals of the human race were connected with their respective religions. Tattoos are no exception. Even before the advent of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism some kind of spiritualism existed. As in any other sphere, tattoos were also influenced partly by religion.

Some tribesmen in Borneo have tattoos on their shoulders to get safe passage across the River of Death after their demise. This practice was in place when the people, whom we call the civilized ones, found them first. And it continues to exist even today. During the Crusades from 11th to 13th centuries the Christian fighters had tattoos of cross on their hands for identification of their religion after death. Now even though the tattoos are used mostly for the decoration of the body, religious fervor is not uncommon in the art.

In the United States and Canada every one out of five people who have tattoos on their body display religious tattoos. The most popular images are those of the Cross, Christ, angels and doves. The faithful of the Catholic Church declare their faith with tattoos of the Sacred Heart, Virgin Mary and rosary beads.

In Judaism even though there is prohibition, many of them do not find it wrong to have David’s Star on their skin. There is no special prohibition on tattoos nor is it mandatory in Hinduism. It is the same with Buddhism, but many Buddhists have elaborate tattoos on them.

Before You Get Tattooed – What to Know?

You have to learn a lot of things before you get tattooed. First thing you must realize is that a tattoo is for ever. Even though a tattoo is removable now with the help of lasers, it leaves scars on your skin. So, never decide to go to the artist and have the tattoo etched on your skin as a quick reflex action.

Before actually having the tattoo, try to familiarize with the process. Talk to your friends about the pros and cons of having a tattoo. Learn from them how painful it is and how long it takes to heal. Try to know about the precautions you have to take before and during the tattooing. Know about how the equipments used for tattooing are sterilized.

The design and location of the tattoo must be selected very carefully. Take your time to do this. Do some cold calculations about the costs, time involved and whether you can get the necessary time required to take rest if require. Do all these fit into your job or studies? All these must be given some careful thinking.

When you approach a tattoo artist make sure that he is a professional in the art, has the skills to do the job neatly and efficiently and he has the ability to advise you on aftercare. Learn from him the cost and time required. He can also advise you on the design and location. Talking to several tattoo artists is also a good idea.

Fairy Tattoos:

For the last three or four decades fairy tattoos have been very popular. It is the women, rather than men, who choose the fairies for the body art. Fairies have caught the imagination of people from time immemorial. There is no wonder when they consider the beautiful fairies for tattoos.

In people’s imagination fairies are beautiful, good matured creatures, looking almost like miniature humans, with nice wings.

All fairies are considered to be female in gender. They are supposed to be able to reach anywhere at will. The fairies are the benefactors of persons whom they like. The people who wish to have tattoos of fairies on their skin fancy that they invoke the blessings of the good fairy.

Fairies are an integral part of the western culture. As said earlier fairies are more popular with women for tattoos. One reason is that they look very attractive in the fairy tattoos on any locations of the body. Fairies also merge well with other tattoo designs. Girls get the fairy tattoos on their shoulder, back or lower back. Thighs, feet and arms are other locations popular with women. Some get it done all over the body. Famous pop singers and other artists have fairy tattoos done on their bodies.

Gothic fairy tattoo is a very popular form of the art among women in Europe at present. The Gothic form of art is an inheritance from the Middle Ages. During those times religion played a major part in everyday life. Naturally, this form of art was also influenced by religion. But modern tattoo artists show a tendency to break away from the religious angle and patronize non-Christian Gothic traditions.