Washable Tattoos – Temporary Body Art

Washable tattoos are a great alternative to the permanent tattoo for those wishing to get a feel for wearing tattoos.  Using these inexpensive tattoos can let you try a large variety of different designs as well as allow you to experiment with different locations for a tattoo.  There are lots of reasons people choose to wear washable tattoos.  Some enjoy being able to apply different tattoos to accessorize with while others use them to cover scars.

There are also temporary tattoos known as Mehndi and are more common in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. The applications are usually hand drawn and applied with powdered henna. The henna is a mixture of coffee or tea and lemon juice to release the dye and sugar for consistency. This is all mixed into a paste and then applied. The length of time henna drawings lasts depends on how long the paste is left on the skin. Most designs last about two weeks and fade away.

There is no specific date from when the temporary tattooing is started. But it is generally guessed, this sort of tattoos have been commercially appeared at the 1900 centuries. Initially, food coloring was used as design of that tattoos. A special paper filled in tattoo design was set up on desired skin area. And finally it turned into a design. Those tattoos were provided actually free with different products at that time.

Temporary tattoos are familiarized as fake tattoos or washable tattoos. These are usually seen in different festivals, fairs or occasions. You can find temporary tattoos even with food boxes. To accelerate the business, many companies use tattoos with their brand products as well.

If you ask why you choose temporary tattoos, the answer will be more than one. There are a lot of causes behind using temporary tattoos like:

  • Temporary tattoos hold quick designs, funny things and easy handling
  • Temporary is completely sting free and needles
  • It will give you the opportunity to alter your tattoos rapidly suit your style
  • You might not face the allergic reaction in the line of temporary tattoos
  • It can be removed very quickly

There are a great number of designs ranging tiny to large size found in the sphere of temporary designs. It is possible to discover anchor design or even a traditional heart. Celtic tattoos also attained much popularity for temporary uses. Like Chinese or Japanese alphabetical tattoo designs, you can find even some contemporary tattoos on words and phrases.

Henna is considered as most beautiful, impressive and pleasing one in the realm of temporary tattoos. It is safe and a very good substitute to the conventional tattoo art. Henna is actually formulated from the leaves of henna plant that gives natural ink. At first leaves are twirled into powder and then into paste. And finally it is used in painting onto the skin.

Temporary tattoos could be used on some special occasion, Valentine’s Day, any party, football season and so on. The tattoos bearing dog tags are suitable for walkers, runners, cyclists, medication information, special events and even for emergency identification. Tattoos bearing the symbol of shark, frog, rose, star and dolphin made a good demand as temporary designs among the younger.

Airbrushed is another name in the field of temporary Tattoos. These tattoos are less permanent and very good as well providing you modern feeling. Airbrush artists make your fashionable tattoos using airbrush machinery as well as paint while some of the artists apply stencils in their work. Besides, some tattooists bring free hand works in their tattoo designs. Multiple colors are available in airbrush tattoos.

Interestingly, if you do not like the customary temporary tattoo designs, you could be an artistic in fact by yourself. Just take the materials and create your particular one. You know, however, all temporary tattoos would be washed away by the use of water or soap.