How To Pick Honeymoon Destinations

Although there are some magazines and advertisements available for you to look at when you are still deciding for your honeymoon destination, the most probable thing to happen to you is to select not the best for you but the most advertised destination.

  • Choosing your honeymoon destination is almost as important as choosing the music for your first dance. This should be started as soon as the wedding date is set. Men if you are in charge of choosing the honeymoon destination on your own then it can be tricky. First thing you need to do is think back and remember places the she has told you she want to go. Write it down in list format under the heading HER! Now draw a line vertically next to her list and next to HER write the heading ME. Now write down where you would like to go.
  • Now, on a separate piece of paper, write down the place that was on both of these lists. Keep the other lists handy. Keep in mind that it’s not all about the place you go, it’s about the memories you will make there. Keeping that in mind, talk to her friends that you can trust not to spoil the surprise. She may have expressed an interest in some honeymoon destination you haven’t thought of.
  • Ok, now its time to rate your list. Here is how you should approach this task. DO NOT rate it as to where you would like to go first. You will now be traveling as one. Think about your common interests other than travel. What you like to do. Do you both hike? Do you both like to snorkel? Do you both love Italian food? Write these down also in list form next to honeymoon destinations. Rate the COMMON INTEREST list.
  • Now match up the lists. If you have a common interest that you do with you fiancée quit often, then match that activity up with the honeymoon destination that would be best suited for that activity. Honeymoons are meant to be fun, romantic, and full of memories.
  • Now you have everything rated. If you have a destination that links with multiple activities that’s ok, that’s even better. Honeymoon destinations like this rate high on the list. If you see a destination that incorporates three or four activities then you have your answer. More often than not this will happen.
  • One example: You both like cruises. You like to snorkel. You love Italian food. You love history. See the trend. A Mediterranean Cruise would be perfect for the couple with a list like this.

Remember that the place should not necessarily be the least expensive; it should be the place where you will be able to enjoy and have fun together.