Perfect Wedding Shoes For Bride: Top Ten Tips to Help You Find

Finding wedding shoes is one of the last things that a bride thinks about. But, it should actually be one of the first. Right after the wedding dress, the wedding shoes will be the one thing that affect you the whole day since you will be wearing them all day. Plenty of brides wait until the last minute to find their shoes and end up with ones that are not comfortable or to their liking. Here are my top ten tips for finding the right bridal shoes for your wedding day:

  • Comfort is the key. Can you walk in your shoes? Will they be comfortable after 12 hours? Our soles at Aruna Seth contain a special cushioned padding to keep feet happy all day long.
  • Choose shoes you love. Comfort and style can go together! Unlike your dress, if you pick the right shoes they can be worn again for future occasions.
  • Don’t leave them until last! Brides often focus purely on the wedding dress and leave the shoes until the last minute. Aim to choose your shoes around the same time as your dress – you’ll need to bring them to fittings to determine the length of your gown.
  • Pick the right heel height. Go with a more glamorous version of what you would normally wear. If you’re not used to walking in huge heels, don’t buy them!
  • Theme your shoes! Tonnes of brides call us to request our beautiful Farfalla butterfly shoes and brooches to fit their theme.
  • Work with your dress. Use material swatches to compare colours. A pristine white wedding dress will work best with a pale pearl color and an off-white gown goes best with pearl or ivory-coloured shoes.
  • Treat your feet! Remember to schedule a lovely pedicure before your big day. Slip your feet into your gorgeous wedding shoes with soft skin, neat cuticles and glossy painted nails.
  • Give yourself a healthy shoe budget. Flashy shoes for your hen do, heels for the big-day, ballerina flats for partying at the reception, sandals for the exotic honeymoon – now is the one time in your life when you can really splash out, Carrie Bradshaw style!
  • Choose shoes compatible with your surroundings. Wedges and flats are best for receptions in the country to save yourself from muddy heels. Flat sandals are best for beach weddings and certain older venues.
  • Follow a new bridal shoe tradition. We’re in love with the new ritual of bridesmaids buying brides their wedding shoes! Drop this new tradition into conversation with your bridesmaids – or maybe just pass them this page!