The Best Wedding Gift Ideas For A Couple: Make It Unique

The wedding bliss is experienced by nearly all and the memories of wedding stay with us forever. Wedding should be celebrated in all vibrancy, with the wedding gift ideas spicing up the occasion. We are all aware of the idea that all good things in life are celebrated with gifts, thus gifts for wedding should be equally exciting.

Remember one important thing that gifts should always come straight from your heart and one should not judge gifts by the monetary value. The essential essence of wedding gifts ideas is in the thought and feelings that is associated with it. Wedding gift ideas can be unique symbolizing your love and concern.


Yes it’s true; while it may seem impersonal or uncreative, money is my number one recommended wedding gift. Most young couples are saving for something big, a house, a car, a piece of furniture, or are still paying back their student loans. Money may also help them have an extra-special honeymoon or let them order that extra photo for their album. While it’s rude for a couple to ask for money, it is never rude to give cash. If you still want to give a personal wedding gift, combine the two: attach a check to a beautiful picture frame, a kitchen gadget, or a long letter detailing your wishes and advice for their marriage.

An Expensive Item Off Of Their Registry

Often the more-expensive items on a couple’s registry are dream wedding gifts that they don’t think they’re actually going to get. Whether you’re wealthy enough to buy such a wedding gift on your own, or you organize other guests to all chip in, you’ll be making dreams come true.

A Luxurious Hotel Room For Their First Night as a Married Couple

Start their marriage off right by giving them a night to remember before they take off for their honeymoon. Check with the bride’s mother or the maid-of-honor to ensure reservations have not already been made, and give your gift early so that they’ll be able to include it in their plans.

A Wedding Gift to Stand The Test of Time

Whether it’s a bottle of scotch or fine wine with instructions to open on their tenth anniversary, a gorgeous vase, or piece of art, give a gift on which the couple will be able to look fondly and say “Our friend John gave us that for our wedding.” Other ideas include the couple’s wedding invitation in a beautiful frame, a handmade quilt or tablecloth, or an antique piece of furniture.

Make Their Honeymoon Extra Sweet

If you’ve ever been to the place where the couple is honeymooning, use that knowledge to get them a gift certificate for your favorite restaurant or resort activity. You could also upgrade their plane tickets to first class, give them a camera to help them take great pictures, or give them some spending money tucked inside a guidebook of the area.

Gift On Wedding For A Lifetime

It could either be a bottle of scotch or some vintage wine. These are gifts that shall always create a lasting impression – could be a gorgeous vase, a piece of art, or any other kind of memento that one can hold dear till eternity. The best gift option on a wedding could be the couple’s wedding invitation framed beautifully, a handmade quilt or tablecloth, or even an antique piece of furniture.