Best Exercise For Weight Loss During Winter

Many factors relating to the winter months cause people to waver in their exercise routines. Amongst the chaos of the holiday season, the early onset of darkness in the evenings, and the rain/snow/ice and cold temperatures, staying fit often takes a backseat to other things or is simply dismissed until springtime arrives. But there are numerous ways to incorporate exercise into the winter months.

The Best Season For Weight Loss

It seems that most people likely to gain weight in winter. That means: if we can control the body weight during these months, we will reduced the risk of fat. Moreover, the sports in winter are frequent and intermittent, which happens to coincide with the laws of lose fat.

Get Warm First

A proper warm-up is critical. Cold temperatures can make your muscles tight and therefore they are more prone to injuries. So, it’s important to get them warmed-up prior to engaging in intense physical activity.

Insulate Your Body

The best approach to dressing for outdoor exercise is with layers. Layering provides the most effective heating method, plus it allows you to remove the top layer if you get too hot. The layer closest to your skin should allow moisture to be wicked away. The top layer should be both wind and water resistant.

No Sweat

Don’t assume that you have to sweat in order to get a good workout. You should avoid sweating that causes the clothing layer closest to your skin to get wet and cause you to be chilled. Instead monitor your intensity through a heart rate monitor or the Rating of Perceived Exertion.

Don’t Strip When You Get Inside

While you may be tempted to immediately remove your layers when returning inside, give your body time to adjust. Post exercise hypothermia is possible. This happens when your body rapidly loses its heating stores.

Drink Up

It’s just as important to stay hydrated when exercising in Winter as it is in Summer, even though you might not feel as thirsty.

Lighten Up

If possible, it’s best to exercise outdoors during daylight areas. But, with shorten days that can be difficult to do. If you exercise outdoors when it is dark, wear reflective materials to ensure that you can be seen.

If the thought of getting outside to exercise makes you dive under the covers, instead choose one of the many indoor workout options. Below are just a few of the many choices.

Walk At An Indoor Location, Like A Mall

If you need extra motivation to get yourself to the mall, join a walking group. This will help you stay accountable to someone other than yourself.

Join A Health Club

This will allow you a large variety of physical activities to choose from every week.

Create A Home Gym

This doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily set-up a great workout routine with just a set of dumbbells, an exercise ball and a jump rope.

If You Have Stairs Where You Live or Close by

Spend as little as 20 minutes at a time climbing up and down the stairs for a very intense and efficient workout.

Get Wet

Find a local indoor pool you can use. Try swimming, water aerobics, or even just walking or running laps in the water.

Visit a Library

Usually local libraries offer exercise videos you can check-out for free. Pick-up a new one to try out every time you return the previous video.