Best Stomach Toning Exercises for Women

The challenge of fighting the fat around the tummy which makes a person look “pot-bellied” can be confronted in two ways: the right kind of exercise and the correct diet. If you want to reduce belly fat, then you must practice two kinds of exercises. They can be broadly divided into aerobic exercises and general abdominal workouts.

The most significant factor in losing tummy fat is regular cardiovascular exercise, and this does not mean taking casual walks. Normally, depending on your age, you should work out at least 15 to 20 minutes per day, five days a week. High-intensity aerobic dancing, brisk walking, jogging, and competitive swimming are good exercises to lose belly fat.

Exercise to lose belly fat

  • Cardiovascular exercises help strengthen the heart, promoting better blood circulation. Unhealthy sleep habits and stress are two of the main causes of weight gain. When you feel stressed out, the amount of cortisol released by your body increases and this in turn makes you feel hungry that you tend too eat too much. This eventually leads to the formation of more body fats, especially around your belly.
  • Elevated feet push-up is closely the same with traditional push-ups except that the feet are placed on a chair or a high platform to keep them elevated. This exercise requires more strength as the sum of weight being lifted increases. This type of exercise gives better results than conventional exercises.
  • Ball crunch is also one most effective abdominal exercise that can be done by lying back on an exercise ball. The best technique to successfully do this is to curl your body up while keeping the ball steady. This is more beneficial compared to standard crunches as it gives more emphasis on the abdomen. Bicycle crunch is one of the superb exercises on losing belly fat as it largely stimulates the muscles in the abdominal area. You can do this by lying down with your hands placed at the side of your head and your back pushed to the ground. Tap your right knee with your left elbow and keep on switching sides while breathing comfortably.
  • Doing cardio exercises can greatly reduce sleeping problems and can help you get rid of stress and anxiety, which means more fats are eliminated from your tummy. Aside from cardio exercises, the other four great exercises for the abdomen are elevated feet push-up, wall squat, ball crunch, and bicycle crunch.
  • Wall squat can be simply performed even during office breaks as you only need a wall to do this exercise. This is a strength exercise that firms the muscles in the hips, legs and most especially in the abdomen.

Work-outs to lose belly fat

It must be remembered that performing only abdominal exercises and abdominal work-outs are not sufficient to flatten the belly. These exercises help in toning up the muscles and making the body flexible but are not very effective in burning all the calories. After all, losing belly fat must involve burning the fat from the body. Thus, one must perform some aerobic exercises as well. Aerobic exercises include jogging, walking, running, swimming etc must be done at least 3 times a week combined with some of the above mentioned abdominal exercises. These exercises also increase the rate at which the body burns its calories. There is a production of good fats in the blood stream which try to fight the bad fats in the body. Aerobic exercises and flexibility abdominal work-outs can work wonder for all the belly fat in your body!