Best Weight Loss Exercise for Females: Useful Workout

Weight loss is all about burning more calories than you eat, but what’s the best way to do that? Knowing the basics of how to lose weight, how to exercise for weight loss and how to motivate yourself are essential for creating a program that works for you. These resources will give you the tools you need to lose weight. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been through the weight loss process before, you’ll find everything you need to know about weight loss.

Elliptical Burner And Aerobics

Aerobic Exercises  is a very  good weight loss option for women since it will  help you break into a sweat  and  accelerate your heart rate. A very good cardio exercise, it is also a great way to tone the  legs, hips and butt. Elliptical burner on the other hand will greatly tone the stomach and allows you to burn a minimum of 600 calories per hour.

If you aren’t sure how to do these, check out 7 Best Ab Exercises.

  • BOSU Ball Planks : Place the BOSU ball with the flat side on the ground. Lay in a straight “plank” position with your toes pointed and resting at the top of the BOSU ball, your shoulders and abs tight, and your body weight resting on your elbows. Hold that position as long as you can, but aim for at least 90 seconds. The difficulty will be in maintaining your balance and plank position… how long can you hold it?
  • Decline Bench Leg Raises : You might be wondering how doing leg raises is going to work you abs, but trust me, after even one set of 12 of these, you’ll see. Sit on a decline bench with your hands behind you, gripping the bench, for support. Bend your knees, then using your hips as a pivot point, raise your knees up to your chest, then lower them in a controlled movement. Remember, use your HIPS as the pivot, or you might put undue strain on your back!
  • Decline Bench Oblique Crunches: Lie flat on your back on a decline bench with your ankles at the top, your head at the bottom, and your shoulders flat on the bench. Place your fingertips at your temples, then crunch your abs as you rise up, and point your left elbow at your right side, then lower yourself back down. As soon as your shoulders touch the bench, crunch your abs, rise up, and point your right elbow at your left side. You do NOT need to come up very far, only to a half-sitting position. If you go any further up, you might strain your back, and you won’t be getting any better of an ab work-out.
  • BOSU Ball Reverse Planks: Place the BOSU ball on the floor with the flat side down. Lie on your back with your shoulders on the BOSU ball and your knees bent. Straighten just one leg, then rise up on your hips, keeping your leg as straight as possible, with your opposite foot flat on the floor (don’t raise up on your toes) then return to the floor. Do each leg 12 times, and do three sets.
  • BOSU Ball & Bench Crunch: My personal trainer added this to my routine a few months ago, and it STILL kicks my butt! Place the BOSU ball with the flat side down, about 18” from a bench. Place your heels, toes pointing up, on the edge of the bench, and sit with your bottom just resting on the edge of the BOSU ball. Your knees ought to be bent at a 90 degree angle. Lean back, with the kettle ball over your head, then sit up and touch the kettle ball to your shins. Lean back, and repeat. This may not sound very difficult, but do three sets of 12 to 15, with 30 seconds between sets, and you’ll be wiped.
  • Flutter Kicks, Back and Front: Lie flat on the floor face-up, with your body straight. Keeping your legs straight, raise them up off the ground about 10 inches, then kick your feet for about 45 to 60 seconds. Flip over so you’re facing down, and do the same thing. Repeat so you’ve done each side three times, with a 30-second break between sets.
  • Decline Bench Dumbbell Push Crunch: Assume the same position on the decline bench as you would for the oblique crunches, but this time hold two light-weight dumbbells, one in each hand, and instead of twisting to one side slightly as you come up, raise the dumbbells as though you were “punching” up to the ceiling. Be VERY careful that you don’t drop the dumbbells on yourself! Again, you don’t need to come up very far, only to a half-sitting position, before you lay down again, and as soon as your shoulders touch the bench, it’s time to come back up for another crunch.

Running And Walking

Long known as a great fat burner and weight loss option,running  has almost always proved its mettle in the fitness department. Aside from being a good cardio exercise it  greatly tones the body and  improves one’s flexibility  as well. Walking is also a great way to de-stress and relax.

Tennis/Racquetball And Badminton

These sports are  nevertheless  acknowledged as  great weight loss options for women because it also helps promote  group bonding. These will also greatly tone the thighs and legs and a very effective cardio exercise with a combination of side to side running. Clearly, these are  choices that will not only promote  weight loss but also healthy competition and socialization, too.

Bicycling And Stationary Biking

While it is a very easy physical activity  you  will be surprised with how much weight loss you can achieve in just a matter of weeks with biking and stationary biking. It is a very effective cardio exercise that will tone the  legs, hips and butt and will  increase your heart rate depending on how fast you go. Approximate calories burned per hour  is more or less 500-1000  which is very impressive  and explains why these are  top weight loss options for women.

Swimming  And  Dancing

It  is actually more like having fun  than  merely doing  the activity for weight loss purposes. Swimming for one can trim off 800 calories  per hour depending on the intensity of  your strokes but just the same it is a fun and enjoyable  exercise. Dancing, on the other hand  is a great cardio exercise that does not seem to be stressful  and a weight loss option at all  especially when coupled with the best dance mixes and hip hop music.