How to Weight Loss with Cabbage

Cabbage is good for weight loss. Of all foods that people recommend for a weight loss program, cabbage tops the charts of all diets. There is no diet that restricts intake of cabbage in any quantity owing to its wonderful qualities that aid weight loss. There are various types of diets that can be worked around cabbage such as the cabbage soup diet which works wonders in weight loss within 7 days. Cabbage not only aids weight loss but also assists the body to get rid of all the toxins that are accumulated and gives it the essential nutrients to deal with weight loss.

Health Bonus

Cabbage contains sulphoraphane, which has potent anticancer properties. One study of women found that those who ate the most cabbage and its cruciferous cousins, like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, had a 45 percent lower breast cancer risk than women who ate the least. Cabbage may also help guard against lung cancer. Fermented cabbage, a.k.a. sauerkraut, may have even higher levels of anticancer compounds, a result of the fermentation process. Just beware of sauerkraut’s high sodium content; rinse it before heating.


Cabbage soup has been prominently featured as part of the cabbage soup diet and the negative calorie diet, which use low-calorie foods to encourage quick weight loss. The cabbage soup diet involves drinking a low-calorie soup throughout the day, the every diet website explains; according to the Diet Channel website, the Negative Calorie Diet recommends eating low-calorie vegetables, including carrots, cauliflower and cabbage, that purportedly provide the body with fewer calories than the body expends to digest them.

How to Take Cabbage to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

One can enjoy the unlimited benefits of cabbage irrespective of which form it is taken in. Whether cabbage is used as a base of a salad, juice or as cabbage soup the benefits still remain. One can take 20-25 ml of fresh, raw cabbage juice everyday or one could also eat cabbage soup as the main course of each meal. Soup can be prepared by allowing the cabbage to be half cooked for about 10-12 minutes (still a bit crisp on the outside) and adding salt and pepper to the preparation. One can have as much soup or juice in a day. However, it is best had with each meal.

Cabbage Diet

The cabbage diet is one of many fad diets which revolved around a particular food. The grapefruit diet is another common example. The premise of the diet claims you can achieve significant weight loss by consuming unlimited amounts of cabbage soup with select foods for seven days. In many ways, it is not unlike a fasting type of diet. Any dietary restriction will bring about weight loss, especially when accompanied by exercise. However, restricting your diet to one type of food will likely lead to diet boredom and poor nutritional intake.

Cabbage Soup Preparation

  • Chop the green onions. Place the sliced onions in a saucepan and sauté the onions adding a little bit of cooking oil spray.
  • Take out the seeds and membrane of the green peppers. Chop the green peppers into small bite sized cube, throw them in to the saucepan together with the sautéed onions.
  • Peel and cut the cabbage leaves into pieces roughly the same size as the peppers, add them to continue sauteing.
  • Wash and clean the carrots. Chop them before adding to the saucepan.
  • Cut the mushrooms in halves or thirds before throwing them in to the saucepan.
  • Add cayenne pepper or a little bit of curry powder to the brew to give it a little kick. That is, if you want you soup to be a little spicy.
  • The bullion cubes can be used to add flavor to the dish. If you do choose to add this to your cooking, it eliminates the need for additional salt.
  • Add about 12 cups of water into the pot. Lower the heat and let the soup simmer. A two hour period is recommended to make the soup most effective. Add additional salt and pepper for taste.