Lose Weight by Yoga and Diet

Environment (diet, lifestyle and exercise), hormones and heredity are the deciding factors of an individual’s weight. Today obesity is the worrying factor for most of the people in every country. This has become a universal problem. Weight not only governs an individual’s personality but also the health aspect of a person. Excessive weight brings all the known diseases with it, thus hindering the life of an individual. Hence prevention and control of weight is a very important measure to be undertaken by everyone in this world.

Usually weight gain is due to eating more than we actually can burn off. But there are also other factors that are responsible for weight gain such as hypothyroidism, anxiety, blood sugar imbalance, essential fatty acid deficiency, prescribed drug by doctor, emotional eating, etc. By following the right diet and exercising on a regular basis, we can put an end to these problems, thus holding a fit body for ourselves.

The diet plan should consist of consuming healthy food stuffs like fruits, vegetables, beans, low fat dairy products, fish, low fat meats and skinless poultry. Taking 4-6 small meals and snacks everybody helps in maintaining weight. Avoiding foods high in fat and calories and also those high in sugars such as cakes, pies, candy bars helps in losing weight quickly. Taking irregular meals or skipping meals not only makes us lose weight, it also tends to raise our weight more than we can even imagine. This leads to malnourishment. Hence adopting to a diet plan that consists of all the essential nutrients one must consume (balanced diet) is a must to lose or gain weight healthily. High protein diet is one of the popular diets followed today. The reason is that one can gain weight, lose weight, increase muscle, and maintain weight by consuming foods having high protein. High protein diet makes sure that one loses fat without losing muscle. Most of the high protein foods are extremely low in calories and bad (unhealthy) fats. Some of the high protein foods are chicken, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc. By consuming foods low in carbohydrate and high in protein one can actually lose weight easily, quickly and healthily.

One other method to reduce weight is by exercise. One such natural and gentle exercise is yoga. Yoga helps in making one feel stronger, lighter and more flexible. It also helps in toning muscles, reducing stress and improving one’s mental and physical well- being but yoga for weight loss is not opted by many. The reason is that results are not immediate. Doing yoga along with a proper balanced diet helps in losing weight effectively. Some of the yoga techniques that are particularly used to lose weight are Bikram Yoga which is what most of the athletes and celebrities prefer and Ashtanga Yoga which is very effective to lose weight.

Health is wealth!