Lose Weight With Yoga: Helpful Fitness Tips

Most people think that yoga is not as an effective workout as cardio. This is a common myth surrounding the practice of yoga. Power yoga is not only great for your soul, but it can exercise 100% of your body as opposed to swimming which only exercises 15% or running which only exercises 10%. Power yoga can burn up to 360 calories per hour. This article will explain how to lose weight with power yoga.

Physical Yoga Benefits

Yoga is a gentle exercise that improves flexibility, strength, balance and focus. There are several ways that these yoga benefits can help someone lose weight the healthy way.

  • Compression and elongation of the internal organs can improve digestion and metabolism.
  • Yoga poses can help tone and strengthen muscles, which can make the body look more sculpted.
  • More rigorous types of yoga, such as power yoga, Bikram yoga, and ashtanga can increase the heart rate, providing a cardiovascular workout.
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility, combined with stronger muscles, can correct postural problems that may accompany weight gain. Better posture can also help a person look thinner.

Yoga for weight loss may not happen overnight, but the improvements to posture, balance and strength can be appreciated, too.

Physiological Benefits for Yoga Weight Loss

Many new yoga students who want to lose weight expect that the asanas, or poses, will physically change their body. This is true, but many physiological yoga benefits can also help with weight loss.

  • A new yogi may find that practicing yoga asanas helps to relax their mind and reduce stress, which could ease emotional causes for over – eating.
  • Yoga doesn’t feel like exercise the same way that going to the gym or for a run does. Because it’s more relaxing and less stressful, a new student is more likely to not only stick with their yoga classes, but also attend more often.
  • Becoming more mindful and living in the present moment are yoga benefits that can apply to eating, too. A yoga student may find themselves more aware of how much food they’re eating, what types of food, and whether or not they’re actually hungry.

Reduced stress levels can also help a yogi sleep better and feel happier in their everyday life.

Tips To Lose Weight With Yoga

Here are some tips for anyone looking to find a yoga class to help with weight loss.

  • Remember that everyone starts out as a beginner, and progress will be made faster with a commitment of three to six classes per week. A student can also practice in a studio a few times each week, and then work with DVDs at home, too.
  • Visit a few local yoga studios to find one that’s a good fit. Are the teachers friendly? Is there a variety in age, size and ability with the other students that practice there?
  • Invest in some yoga equipment, such as comfortable yoga clothes, a mat, a water bottle, and possibly yoga books and DVDs, too.
  • Stay hydrated and eat well. Any weight-loss diet requires both increased physical activity as well as improved diet. Keep the yoga teachers informed about goals and progress.

The benefits of yoga extend beyond weight loss, but asanas can be great exercise to lose weight. Being patient with oneself will lead to flexibility and mindfulness both on and off the mat.

When the yoga exercises are performed easily and in the proper manner, they provide an ideal cooling down activity starting from the more vigorous parts of the fitness program. They will leave you invigorated but relaxed.


  • Consult your doctor before beginning any new yoga routine.
  • If you start to feel discomfort, immediately stop the exercise.