Successful and Effective Weight Loss Maintenance Tips

Maintaining weight loss is the next challenge once you’ve reached your targeted weight. Really, a diet is not successful unless it allows you to keep the weight off that you’ve lost for good. Otherwise, you just found a temporary fix to a long-term problem. Many people struggle to maintain weight loss, that is why they find themselves back in the diet seat shortly after they come off their diet plan. Fortunately, with 4 key tricks, you can succeed with maintaining your new body and enjoy all the hard work that you put in.

Keep moving

One of the best ways to maintain your weight is to exercise regularly. Whether that means walking, running, cycling, weight-training, taking an aerobics class or doing a work-out video at home, regular physical activity will help you maintain a healthy metabolic rate to avoid gaining back your hard-won pounds and inches. As we talked about in the Week Three show, focus on adding in activity wherever you can-play music while you clean house; turn off the television and walk the dog; park your car as far from the store as you can and walk. You get the idea!

Keep celebrating

If you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding or a holiday, by all means enjoy a treat, such as a portion of cake or a piece of pie. Simply make it the exception rather than the rule and get back on track with your maintenance program when the celebration ends.

Keep your herbal and nutrition edge

Continue to take your Thermojetics® Gold Dietary Supplement, Thermojetics® Green and Beige Herbal Tablets or NEW Total Control, plus your other Herbalife nutritional supplements to keep your energy levels high and your appetite under control. Nutrition is the long-term key to achieving life-long health, vitality and weight control. Our Optimum Cellular Nutrition products form a strong foundation for your health. Choose the Lifestyle Programs from our product brochure that fit you, such as Women’s Health, Digestive Health, etc. and create a nutrition and herbal program that is specifically and scientifically tailored for your needs.

Keep in control

If you discover you’ve gained a few pounds that cannot be accounted for by normal fluctuations in your weight, don’t panic. Go back to your weight-management program for a few days until your weight evens out again. Remember, you’re in control. You’ve worked hard to lose those extra pounds and you have the power to do so again any time you choose.

Keep snacking

The Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb products make an excellent choice for snacks on your maintenance program and can help keep your weight steady. If you have a craving for a candy bar, bite into a sweet and chewy Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb Bar. Does something salty and crunchy sound good? Rip open a bag of Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb Roasted Soy Nuts with Cardia® Salt. Many successful weight losers will confirm that small frequent meals were the key to success. Science has also shown that this way of eating leads to easier control of calorie intake.

Keep sharing

Although maintaining is easier than losing, until your body gets used to your new weight, you need to stay vigilant. Talk to your Herbalife sponsor if you need extra support. Hopefully you have found someone else during these eight weeks to “buddy” up with on your way to a new you! Keep that connection-walk together and talk every day. We can all be a support for another person and often that process will give us the support we need as well!


Abruptly ending your exercise program will significantly reduce the calories you can burn each day. If you simultaneously raise you food intake (as in key #1) the weight gain implications are obvious. It would be very difficult to maintain your weight without exercise. In fact it would require extreme strictness and adherence to your diet to do so. It would also remove many of the health benefits you acquired during the weight loss phase, including raising your elevated resting metabolic rate. This will result in you burning less calories each day.

The solution is to maintain your high level of activity, but you are no longer under presure to improve your performance, unless you want to. These “maintenance workouts” will function as a constant reminder to your body, to stay lean and fit to better cope with the constant demands placed on it. How much and how often, will depend on your results.

Self Monitor Your Progress

Tracking and measuring and measuring your results throughout your weight loss phase was critical to getting the most out of your program, and the maintenance phase is no exception. You need to employ weekly, if not daily measures for tracking your bodyweight, body fat,  meal plans and calories ( especially from fat). These are key habits to keeping the weight off for good and act as an “early warning” system for weight regain. You must develop a a low tolerance for  regain and use the results of your tracking systemsto determine the culprit for the weight gain and correct it. Simple right?

Keep in mind that your weight can fluctuate by 2-3 pounds throughout the day, which is perfectly normal. Any weight gain outside that window should sound off your alarm,  springing you into reflexive  corrective action to bring things back into balance.