Swimming Is A Good Exercise For Weight Loss: Best Workout

Weight Loss Tips come in many forms, but one excellent tip is to swim! My last post talked about dancing as a great form of exercise to lose weight. In order for a person to lose weight, engaging in a weight loss program is not enough. He must also exercise regularly. Most of the time, dieters take a stroll around the park or jog for 30 minutes to an hour. Running burns fat. But some dieters try out another sport – swimming.

Swimming as a way to lose weight is advisable for good swimmers. Good swimmers have already developed a rhythm in each stroke of their hands and therefore they burn fat in a graceful manner. This post I’ll talk about the many advantages in the fight against the flab that swimming has over other forms of exercise and provide some good ideas in the form of swimming tips for weight loss.

  • Improve your swimming technique and formal strokes. It sounds obvious, but studies have shown that serious swimmers – whose movements in the water are smooth and natural–burn considerably more calories than unskilled swimmers who simply paddle around. The better you get at swimming, the more effectively it helps you lose weight.
  • Alternate between more intensive swimming styles, like freestyle or butterfly, and more leisurely swimming styles, like breaststroke, backstroke or sidestroke. For instance, you could do 3 laps of freestyle and then 1 lap of breaststroke. This will increase and decrease your heart rate, helping you to burn calories more efficiently.
  • Watch the clock while you swim. Gauge the time it takes you to complete a lap and work on improving it consistently. Like running and similar activities, increasing your speed will allow you to burn more calories.
  • Start swimming slowly and build up your routine up over time. Begin with two or three swimming sessions a week – for about 60 minutes at a time – then build up to four or five sessions a week, then six or seven sessions. Similarly, work at swimming steadily for 30 seconds before taking a 30-second breather, then advance to swimming steadily for 45 seconds, then a minute. Efficient swimmers will complete a set of 20 to 30 laps without stopping.
  • Watch your appetite. Many swimmers report feeling hungry after their workout – unlike cycling or running, which tends to reduce one’s appetite. Take care not to put those burned calories back on by eating a big meal after swimming.
  • Keep at it. Consistency is the biggest factor involved in weight loss. If you enjoy swimming and find it easier to exercise that way than by running or biking, then you may lose more pounds overall than you would through another form of exercise.
  • Use a partner or a swimming group to keep you motivated. Not only can they help you establish a routine and be consistent in your swimming, but trained swimmers can offer advice on improving your technique, and friendly competition can move you towards improving yourself much more quickly.

The key to losing weight is to have the determination to do so. As long as you continue with this healthier lifestyle which includes swimming every other day, you will shed off those unwanted pounds in no time.