7 Ways To Burn Calories During The Day

For many of us who work or stay at home to raise our children, finding a free contiguous hour of the day to perform traditional exercising is difficult at best and impossible at worst. Trying to shed pounds? A few changes to your routine can help boost your metabolism and optimize your daily caloric burn, moving you that much closer to weight loss success!

The Simple Ways To Burn Calories During The Day

  1. Do crunches in bed: You could burn about 20 calories in under 5 minutes just by drawing your knees to your chest 25 to 50 times, plus it strengthens your abs and gets your blood pumping.
  2. In the office, get out of your comfortable chair and go visit your colleagues from a different department instead of messaging or phoning them. If you need to go to a washroom, choose the one located on the top floor and walk there.
  3. Much like the parking suggestion, this will help you take extra steps during the day, and in many cases, will save you time because you are not waiting for an elevator to show up. Try this the next time you go to an airport. Every extra step you take is another calorie burned.
  4. Pump iron: Burning fat efficiently boils down to one thing building more muscle! A major key to revving up your metabolism is muscle mass. So add about 15 minutes of strength training exercises like lifting dumbbells and or doing crunches, lunges and squats to your fitness plan two to three times a week, in addition to plenty of cardio.
  5. In fact, do a couple of swaps a day and you can drop 10 pounds in 5 weeks! So try these 25 easy tweaks and get the slim body you want in no time.
  6. Become a Neat Freak: Every time you walk through the house, straighten up a little in each area of your home. Picking up around the house four times a day for just 10 minutes at a time burns approximately 100 calories.
  7. Walking up Stairs: If you were to climb stairs for 15 minutes, you’d burn approximately 137 calories. If you don’t have stairs at home or work, buy yourself a small stair step that you can use while watching TV. You don’t even have to step during your shows wait for the commercials.

Hope you will like this article and found it very useful. If you want to lose weight in week then you follow these helpful weight loss tips to look beautiful and slim.