Weight Loss Plan For College Students

{SCA} Going to college is an exciting time in one’s life. There are new people to meet, classes to attend and professors to impress. Being a college student can be a big challenge for our weight loss efforts. I gained most of my weight in college. It’s a time filled with unhealthy food, strange sleep patterns, high stress levels and bad examples set by our peers.

Summer is the time that many people wish to lose weight, college students especially. So the first year of college can be difficult on many college students buddies. If you are a college student that wishes to lose weight this summer, here are some suggestions to get you on the right track so that you can make the most of the free time you have this summer.

Walk: One of the most notable things about being in college for most students is how much walking you can do. You walk to class, you walk home, you walk across campus, you walk to the bank. Many college students don’t have a car, and unless you need one to drive home on the weekend, I suggest not keeping a car at school at all. WALK! It burns calories, improves your heart health, helps you digest better, and reduces stress. And it’s the most convenient form of exercise out there.

Salad Bar: So you eat your meals in a cafeteria. Bad for weight loss, right? Wrong! The good thing about eating in a school cafeteria is that you will always have options. Sure, they offer burgers and fries, but they also often have a good salad bar. Use it! Another benefit of cafeteria food is that they usually serve it to you, so you can’t control the portions. Don’t go back for seconds and let the lunch ladies be the portion control police on your behalf. Many schools are now catching on to the healthy eating movement. If yours doesn’t have healthy options, approach the school board and see what you can get done!

Take Advantage of a Strange Schedule: Having a weird schedule with early mornings, late nights and naps in the afternoon can take its toll. But if you make it work FOR you, it can aid in your weight loss. Use that weird block of time on a random Thursday to hit the gym. Wide awake at midnight? Find a good yoga DVD to do in your dorm room. Running a few minutes early for class? Take the stairs! Running late? Jog there!

Stock Up on Good Snacks: Late nights studying in your dorm room can lead to the munchies. So be sure to stock your room with HEALTHY snacks! That way, when hunger hits, you won’t be tempted to head to vending machine. Popcorn, yogurt, almonds, pretzels, hummus, baby carrots and dark chocolate are just a few suggestions for healthy, filling snacks you can keep in your room.

Get Moving: Becoming less active could be to blame for your weight gain. If you participated in sports in high school and now you’re not, your metabolism is slowing down. Try to get enough exercise by incorporating about 30 minutes of moderate activity into your schedule each day, even if it’s just brisk walking, not only will doing so slow — or even prevent — weight gain, you’ll feel better, too.

Eat Smaller Meals: If you eat 5-6 small meals per day instead of three large ones you will boost your body’s metabolism. Your smaller meals should be more focused–one protein meal, one carbohydrate meal, one vegetable meal. Because these meals are smaller and more focused your body will have an easier time digesting your food and the shorter period of time between meals will keep your metabolism from dropping as much.

You can enjoy your college experience without gaining a lot of weight, and if you plan ahead and stay focused, you can even lose weight while you matriculate.