8 Handy Weight Loss Tips for The Holidays

Weight loss holidays are proving more and more popular through combining a mixture of sweat-inducing training and/or specialised detoxification treatments that are tailored for your body. Do you want to lose weight? The holidays are fun celebrations, but they can do a real number on your weight. All that fantastic holiday food can really pack on the pounds.

Given the large number of holidays year after year, you can imagine how much weight a person might gain if he is not strict about his eating habits during the holiday season. As your certified trainer I can help you with my healthy holiday tips so that you can reach your weight loss goals!

The Quick Holiday Weight Loss Tips

  1. Raiding fruit baskets is not always a healthy alternative. Fruits contain fructose, a sugar that is only used by the liver. Excess fructose is always stored as fat. The max amount of fructose we should consume in 1 day is 15 gram about two servings of fruit.
  2. People often mistake thirst for hunger, so next time you feel like noshing, reach for water first. Drinking also helps you feel full. Some experts suggest sipping water (or iced tea) just before you sit down to a meal.
  3. Exercising in the morning will keep you active through the day. It will also help you control the cravings. Moreover, performing a workout in the morning is the best way to be regular with your exercise.
  4. Nuts are great to have as daily snack. Keep the salmon and caviar keep. You don’t have to throw away the crackers, just have with some cheese instead of jelly – it will reduce the amount of crackers as cheese will fill you up. Throw away food with preservatives and trans fats.
  5. If you allow yourself to eat whatever you want for 2 meals out of every 21, you won’t inflict enough damage to subvert your weight loss. And you’ll feel less deprived.
  6. Eat Uniformly: Some people cut down on the breakfast and lunch to eat a larger meal in the evening. Hence, you should eat uniformly throughout the day, with the breakfast and lunch portions larger than the dinner.
  7. Learn how to measure. It’s easy to misjudge portion sizes. Pull out the measuring spoons and cups, especially for full-fat salad dressings, dairy foods and mayo.
  8. Drink 3-4 cups of plain green tea every day. This will keep the antioxidant-level high in your system, and also burn calories. Green tea also helps curb the appetite. It’s therefore a good idea to have a cup of green tea before and after attending a party.

Follow these simple tips for losing weight after the holidays, and you will most likely be a happier and healthier person before you know it. Find this helpful? I’d love you to add to the list or tell us your favorite tip. Let’s talk about it in the comments below.