Yoga Is Most Effective For Weight Loss

Good yoga instruction makes one more aware of the body, alignment and patterns of movement. Beginning yoga is a great way to not only to lose flab, but to stay fit lifelong. In the right environment and setting, the yoga exercises, also known as yogaasanas, make the body supple and toned. Weight loss yoga is a very gentle way to stretch the body and makes it slimmer. Yoga training might not be the best for fast weight loss, but it is a wonderful way to keep the body and mind in shape. Yoga weight loss means losing fat that does not come back, if the yoga exercises are continued after the weight loss.

How Does Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

If you asked will yoga help me lose weight, the answer is ‘yes’. Yoga is a combination of a set of physical and breathing exercises coupled with meditation. Each set of exercises are meant to address certain problems in the body and most people practice only those which they need. This could be controlling of blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, depression, arthritis, asthma, digestion, obesity and so on. You name it, and yoga has a remedy for it.

What is weight gain? The body gains weight when the metabolic rate is unable to use the calorie intake and hence the excess is turned into fat deposits in the body. The excess calories are usually consumed by strenuous exercises or eliminated altogether through dieting.

Yoga is not strenuous; however, it can increase the rate of metabolism so the body burns more calories than it normally does. In this manner yoga can regulate the fat deposits and induce weight loss without sweating through hours of strenuous aerobics or weight-training in the gym.

The plus point of using yoga for weight loss is that besides the fact that you control weight gain and burn more calories than you would normally do (and hence lose weight), it also provides you with an opportunity to meditate. Meditation along with the yoga asanas for weight loss brings about not only the required reduction in your weight but also reduction of in the levels of stress.

Yoga can help you reduce hunger and control those uncontrollable urges that most overweight people fall prey to in between diet programs. Hence, yoga impacts the body through many ways – (i) increases the metabolic rate so more calories are burnt, (ii) reduces appetite and controls hunger, (iii) checks compulsive overeating habits and lastly (iv) relieves stress which many times is one of the main reasons for gaining weight in the first place.

Looking at the above, one can deduce that indeed yoga can help in reducing weight. Yoga is very different from other physical fitness exercises and according to millions across the globe who diligently practice this system, it works. Done correctly, yoga is known to be able to tackle the worst of afflictions.

A Sample of What To Expect From A Beginners Yoga Session

Beginners Tip

Watch your breathing as it is an essential part in these exercises, holding your breathe during a pose is something to avoid. If you aren’t breathing properly then slow down, preferably you should inhale to the maximum from the nose and exhale from the mouth. This helps you relax and center yourself, don’t worry if you forget it is natural and will become second nature as you progress along your yoga training.


The positions and postures of yoga are useful in reducing various areas of fat and can be practiced by anyone even patients with medical problems. Consisting of bending your body, twisting your arms and legs with emphasis on tights.

Balancing Poses

Good for balance and coordination, strengthening specific body parts such as the lower back as well as developing your ability to remain grounded in a pose.

Healthy Recommended Yoga Diet

Composed mostly of an increase of  fesh vegetables, fruits and fruit cocktails in your daily regime, there is obviously a counter effect in reduction of fast foods and unhealthy snacks. Basically it’s a way of trying to change your habits so that they benefit your body and therefore you lose weight.