The Best Selling Designer Handbags and Why You Need One

Buying a beautiful designer handbag can seem like a luxury. Is it even worth it to spend so much money on a purse? Yes! Of course, yes! While dropping a few hundred dollars may hurt at first, the benefit gained from investing in a designer name truly pays itself back. So why should you buy a designer handbag and which one should you get?

It may seem like a lot to ask, but paying top dollar for a purse gets you top dollar quality. The construction and materials used in making handbags like the Chanel tote bag are just one of the reasons these bags are superior to the ones you can find for cheaper prices. When you pay bargain prices you can expect bargain quality. When you consider how much abuse a handbag goes through it really does make more sense to invest in one that can stand up to it.

In addition to the quality, there’s the fact that this is an investment. This means that like all investments, there’s a potential for a return. Used handbags from top designers can be sold for several thousand dollars, depending on the designer and the condition of the bag. Collectors who love certain fashion houses are willing to pay large amounts to add to their collections.

So which handbags are the best? Really, it depends on what you want your bag for. These are so many beautiful options for different functions. Some are large and great for packing around a lot of stuff, like the Balenciaga leather tote. It’ll hold up to daily life and still look amazing. Remember, that’s where your investment in this bag comes into play. This will not fall apart or lose stitches even when if you’re hauling around your daily planner, wallet, keys, and phone. It also maintains it’s classic look with every season and style.

Another great large bag is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Living up to its name, the Neverfull can keep taking your stuff without ever seeming to overflow, especially great for moms. Who says you can’t be chic and gorgeous while toting diapers and pacifiers? Available in the classic Louis Vuitton print, this bag is a coveted best seller for good reason.

A more moderate sized bag that can still fit a good amount of your personal items is the Chanel tote bag. They’re available in a few different styles and worth every penny. Crafted from calfskin, they’re ultra supple and soft leather that pair perfectly with anything. This is the kind of bag that you only have to buy once and then you’re done.

Of course, the true fashion lover never has just one bag. Day time needs give way to the fashionable practicality of evening life. A small bag to hold a tube of lipstick and your phone is an absolute necessity. Pretty and petite, the Chloe Faye bag meets those needs without taking up a lot of room. This is a bag that will enhance that beautiful cocktail dress, not hide you behind it.

Well known by everyone, Gucci handbags are a really good buy because of that fame, their quality is excellent and if your goal is to buy and sell collector handbags you can’t go wrong with Gucci. They’re ultra-collectable with a huge market hoping to land something with their label. Even their small handbags are quite expensive, but come in a huge array of tones, from classic black or nude, to bright jewel tones that are trending in fashion in 2020.

These ultra-high end bags aren’t the only nice designer handbags on the market. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors offer several stunning options for significantly less than the previous ones mentioned. Just because you’re not splurging on that Chanel tote bag doesn’t mean you won’t be getting something great, though. At more of an everyday price, these are bags you won’t feel guilty about using all the time. They still provide a level of quality and polish that a purse picked up from Target just can’t offer. Perfect for professionals or for fashionable moms, there are plenty of sizes and colors. This makes your look a little more customizable than those bags from the luxury designers.

At a lower price point, buying several handbags for different fashion looks is also more accessible for most people. This is a good fit for people who like to switch up their looks frequently. You’re not as tied down to one style that you spent several thousand dollars cultivating. A brown leather bag, a black canvas tote, even a ruby red suede clutch can grace your closet for a relatively low investment.

There are some designer handbags that are somewhere between these two, combining beautiful design with a quality that’s a little less accessible to the average person, making you less likely to see your purse twin walking down the street.

Brands like Tory Burch and Coach, that have prices that generally start above $500. Their well known and timeless beauty offers you the best of both worlds. A price that is several thousand dollars below the top tier designers, but a bag that is constructed better than most purses that you can find in a department store. These handbags are perfect for someone who tends to be devoted to one bag at a time, preferring to keep their single purse to grab and go whenever they need to. Sturdy and often enough for every day, every dollar goes towards a quality product that you can use for years without going out of style.

Buying a beautiful handbag from a top designer doesn’t have to be a painful thing. It’s great to invest in yourself and your clothing! Presenting a polished and respectable image is helpful for everyone, even if you’re not walking down Wall Street. These bags are simply tools to achieve that image of sophistication and taste that marks a well dressed woman. They’re multi-functional and longer lasting than their chain store counter parts, and definitely worth every penny.