Something Useful and Sweet: Gift Ideas for College Kids

College is the next phase in a person’s life. If your child is about to embark on this next stage, you should give them a gift or two to help them out. Unless they are going to college nearby, they will likely be leaving home for quite some time. Give them a few things to make their time in college a lot easier.

Something for Transport

College can be a lot easier for your kid if they have some sort of personal transportation. The most common form is a car. Buying your child a car is an excellent going-away present. You’ll have to prepare for them by having them take driving lessons and earn their license first. As for a suitable vehicle, there are several options out there. You don’t even have to buy anything brand-new. If you’re not that optimistic about cars, there are other choices. For example, a bicycle or a scooter would be an excellent way to get around campus.

Something to Make Work Easier

Studying is a lot of work, and your child will need all the help they can get. There are a few gifts that can help them out a lot in their studies. One of the best ones to buy is a laptop. It is the most helpful tool possible for its variety of uses. Even at its most basic, a laptop can help write papers, do research, and more. Plus, it is a lot more portable than a desktop so it can be taken anywhere. Depending on what your child is studying, they may need a powerhouse or something simple. For example, courses that use 3D modeling will require a strong computer, while those with simpler needs only need a basic Chromebook.

Something to Relax With

Your child needs to unwind and relax from all the studying. There are several items that they’ll appreciate being packed in with their belongings. For example, you can get them a weighted blanket. These are heavy blankets that can weigh from five to thirty pounds. This extra weight mimics deep pressure stimulation while it is being used and helps relax the nervous system. Another nice relaxation tool would be a fidget bracelet that helps relieve stress at bad times.

Something for the Dorm Room

Most of the time, your child will be in their dorm room. Giving them a few creature comforts makes the place feel more like home. Several items can do this. For example, you can get them a dehumidifier. A humid room is an uncomfortable and hot place to be. The dehumidifier sucks out the moisture for the air so that they can be more relaxed. If you want to treat them, buy them a mini-fridge. This allows them to store the food they want privately and without risking it in common areas.

Something Comfortable

Giving your child a new wardrobe for college can be a great thing. Some college students come from across the country to study at the college of their dreams. This can mean that they will be unfamiliar with the local weather conditions. If your child is going to a colder place, you should be packing them up with some cold-weather clothes. They will need sweaters, gloves, some gameday shirts to show their school spirit, and maybe even some new shoes to keep them from slipping. Besides weather-appropriate clothing, you might also consider giving them some nice bedclothes so that they can sleep well.

Something Sentimental

You don’t always have to be practical when you’re giving gifts. Your child is going away to a distant place so you can be forgiven for giving them something sentimental. For example, you might go old school and collect a nice photo album that they can look at if they feel lonely. Another present with a personal touch is a customized birthstone ring that will serve as a solid reminder of your care for them. Jewelry is always a pleasant and safe choice. Pendants and necklaces are lovely, too. If you have a family heirloom that you want to pass on like a watch, then this might be a good time to do so. Having a reminder of their parent’s love is a great thing for college students.

The gift ideas above should help out when you are trying to pick out something nice for your kid. When they use or see your gift, they’ll know that you care for them and have them in mind. But the greatest gift that you can give them is your full support, so always be ready to take a call or message from them so that they know that they’re never alone.