Get Relief From Back Acne During Pregnancy – Useful Remedies

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment for any woman. But there are certain issues related to pregnancy which makes a woman feel uncomfortable during the months of pregnancy. Symptoms like dizziness, mood wings and backaches are common. We have compiled the causes and remedy of the backache women.

High back ache in pregnancy is very common. But, you need not worry too much as it could be easily prevented with a little care. On the other hand, you must not be negligent of it as it may turn out to be an indicator of miscarriage or some abdominal disorders. Lower back ache of intense nature is a common occurrence during pregnancy, and most of the ladies on family way experience it.

While in some cases it may turn out to be an indication of medical problem of serious nature, it could also be a normal process of adaptation towards changes in your body. This high back ache in pregnancy could be easily prevented with care and caution. Fortunately, there are lots of simple strategies you can use to ease the pain.

Causes of Back Acne During Pregnancy:

There are a number of physical changes that happen during the phase of pregnancy. The vaginal opening widens causing a pain in the lower back and lower stomach as well. A lot of pressure exerts upon the spinal cord which eventually cannot support the whole body weight. This is the primary reason behind the backache during early phase of pregnancy.

The gradual rise of the stomach is another reason behind the backache. The stomach grows creating a pressure that acts backward. Moreover the growth of the fetus is a major reason behind a throbbing backache during pregnancy. The fetus grows and the balance of the body is lost. This there is a weight imbalance in the body which causes the backache.

Tips to Prevent and Treat Backache During Pregnancy:

Backache is one pregnancy symptom that women cannot avoid, but it is treatable. Many remedies exist and at least one will fit every pregnant woman. Alternate between cold and heat for about 15 minutes each by using an ice pack and heating pad. A warm bath will also soothe the achy back. The water needs to be warm, not hot.

Massages are a good remedy. A massage therapist is a welcome relief, but for those mothers that do not have the money or time, partners can simply give a light rub for a few minutes. That does wonders. Plus, most stores have massagers that will knead and rub the lower back. Some mothers have gone to acupuncture to alleviate pain; it is becoming a new trend.

Exercise is a very good remedy. Exercising has many benefits besides relieving backache, so it is always a good choice. Two common backache exercises are the dromedary drop and the pelvic tilt. Also, rolling back and forth on an exercise ball can strengthen the back and abdomen. Many mothers have decided to take pregnancy yoga or water aerobics. No matter the exercise, it should not put strain on any part of the body. Overstretching and overworking oneself is not a good idea.

Try a pregnancy pillow. These popular full-body pillows provide great support for your head, shoulders, abdomen and legs. They promote healthier circulation and can reduce head, neck and back pain. These special pillows soothe aching muscles and also ensure proper spinal alignment. After the arrival of your baby, lie back and use it as a nursing pillow.

Improper sitting positions will make you an easy target for back pain. Be sure to sit with your back straight and well supported. When you are seated, tuck a small, firm cushion in the small of your back. It will give you support and help relieve the aches you experience after you have been sitting for a while. Make sure that your chair has a straight back, arms and firm cushions.

When sitting, try not to cross your legs. This can aggravate your back pain and compromise the circulation in your extremities.

While a birthday lets you be Queen of the Day, pregnancy means people will tolerate you lavishing yourself with tender loving care for a whole nine months. Pampering yourself, even if it’s just getting more rest, can mean reduced back pain.

Ask your partner or a friend to massage your back remember though that some aromatherapy oils can be dangerous for the baby. Instead, use baby oil to rub your aches away. Also, make sure you get enough rest, especially later on in your pregnancy. Lastly, try not to stand for long periods of time. If you have to, keep one foot up on a stool with your knee bent to prevent strain on your lower back.