20 Fabulous Pictures of Actor David Anthony Faustino

David Anthony Faustino is an American actor primarily known for his role as Bud Bundy on the sitcom Married with Children. He was born in  Los Angeles, California, U.S. His date of birth or birthday is on March 3, 1974.

Faustino made his television debut at the age of three months when he appeared on the Lily Tomlin Special. Faustino didn’t start regularly acting until 1980 after a smaller part on Little House on the Prairie. Throughout the early to mid 80s, Faustino would go on to guest star in many well known TV shows such as Family Ties, St. Elsewhere, and The Love Boat.

When he’s not acting, Faustino’s interests stretch to music and business. His rap name is “D” Lil’. He has been featured in a rap album entitled “Balistyx” and on a 1992 Black & White Records release called “I Told Ya.” On the business side, he manages a hip-hop and funk night club on Sunset Boulevard since 1991 also named Balistyx. David co-wrote the story of the Married… with Children episode 1114.

In April 2007, Faustino was featured in an American McDonald’s commercial introducing the “Dollar Menunaires”. He currently stars in Star-ving, a weekly Internet comedy series on Crackle, an online video network backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Faustino plays an exaggerated version of himself in the series, which he wrote and developed with several friends as an “anti-Entourage.

In today’s post we’ve present some outstanding and dazzling pictures of American actor David Faustino.  Here is a number of breathtaking photographs of David Anthony Faustino. We hope that you will like this collection.

David Anthony Faustino American Actor – Photo Gallery

David Faustino with His Dog

David Faustino in Award Show

Actor David Faustino

David Faustino Actor

David Faustino and Katey Sagal

David Faustino and Scoobie

David Faustino in a party with Friends

David Faustino in Show

David Faustino Tommy G and Craig Allen

David Faustino with Friends

David Faustino Childhood Picture

David Faustino and Corin Nemec

David Faustino with Friend

David Faustino with James

David Faustino in 7th Annual TV Land Awards

David Faustino at Home

David Faustino in 2009 TV Land Awards

David Faustino in Party

David Faustino Photo

David Faustino Picture

David Faustino Shirtless Pic

David Faustino Pics

David Faustino in A Show

David Faustino Photoshoot