Getting Started on Finding an AdWords Management Service

Your business is facing competition from other companies and other similar products and it’s time to figure out how to emerge first on searches. In the past, the solution to this was to simply spend a lot more on advertising as compared to your competitors and in most cases you would emerge on top. However, in this digital age, it is important to find the right digital marketing tools and resources to get you on top. Finding the right AdWords management service is the first step, but you first need to figure out what to look for in an AdWords professional.

Choosing between an AdWords management company or an AdWords consultant

The choice of an AdWords management company or a Google AdWords consultants basically boils down to your company culture and what works best for you. Normally, the higher the workload the more AdWord consultants you’ll need and by this point you’d rather hire an AdWords management company to handle the workload instead of hiring several individual consultants.

An advantage of hiring a google ads consulting expert is that they can pivot really fast and will likely improve all other aspects of your marketing that don’t necessarily come with their job description. An AdWords management company will adhere strictly to the KPIs whereas a consultant will want to engage directly with your marketing team, and the overall effect is there is better skill transfer with an AdWords consultant than with an AdWords management company.

Tracking Conversion Rates with AdWords Management Service

The most important factor when running an AdWords campaign management is tracking conversion rates. You should first know what your conversion rates were prior to the campaign so that you can evaluate whether the AdWords consultant or company is meeting the KPIs. This is crucial because you can identify what areas your team is lacking in and focusing more on training and skills transfer as your AdWords consultant is handling your advertisement campaign.

A good Google AdWords consultant will know what will motivate people to click on your ads and will likely focus more on improving on your in-house capacity. In most cases this will not be a contractual obligation, but good AdWords consultants go beyond their scheduled tasks to improve your overall conversion rates.

Managing Joint Accounts

Your company might already have its own advertising accounts and once you get an AdWords consultant, you will need to have a joint account to manage the advertising campaign. In most cases, the AdWords consultant might have their own account where they manage several projects, and they might not be averse to sharing the same account with you. However, it is good to jointly manage your account so long as the campaign involves the AdWords manager. However, it should be clear that all materials and resources generated through the account will remain yours once the consultancy is over.

In conclusion, managing an AdWords campaign is a joint project and you will need to be involved to track progress. Ensure your marketing team is also roped in on the campaign as they will need to pick up the progress once the consultancy is over.