8 Most Known Homemade Overnight Beauty Tips

While you’re sleeping your body is still busy. It is working on all sorts of repairing, rejuvenating and reenergizing processes. However, it could not be possible for all of us to follow this routine perfectly. If you are pressed for time and are looking at options to get a glowing skin overnight. Today, let’s discover some overnight beauty tips that can work for your beauty while you sleep. So, how to be more beautiful in the morning?

The Best Natural Overnight Beauty Tips

  1. Erase Wrinkles: You may already be slathering on an anti-wrinkle serum or another night cream at night, but using “sleeping masks” may prove even effective. These masks are among the best overnight skin care options. You have to apply the mask over your regular moisturizer to wake up pretty as a princess. Opt for a mask packed with elasticity-building cranberry extract and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night.
  2. Apply Milk: Milk is another wonderful natural way for glowing skin. Apply a very thin layer of low fat milk on your face. Massage with upward strokes, till the milk is totally absorbed by your skin. Wash your face with a mild face wash in the morning and pat dry. Milk not only helps to clear dark facial spots but also nourishes the skin as you sleep.
  3. Coconut oil works wonders for this. Before getting into bed, slip both hands into a pair of cotton gloves. This ensures that the moisturizer gets absorbed into your skin, allowing you to wake up with incredibly soft hands. You won’t want to stop touching them.
  4. If your hands are very dry, dehydrated and, even, have painful cracks, then try this beauty technique: apply a thick hand cream (or nourishing oil) on your hands, put on light cotton gloves and leave this treatment on overnight. When you wake up your hands will feel very soft, moisturized and smooth.
  5. Hydrate Dry, Rough Feet: Rub on a foot cream, then pull on cotton socks to hold the moisture in. (Have trouble sleeping in socks? Cut off the toe ends so your feet can breathe. Your heels will still reap the benefits.)
  6. While you get the glow on your face, don’t forget the eyes! Constant exposure to computers and lack of sleep can leave you with dark circles. You can use these simple ways for healthy eyes: Use a comforting eye contour gel that works on hydrating the skin around your eyes as you sleep. Use an eye mask to cover your eyes while you sleep. Wash your eyes with cold water when you wake up. Your dark circles would not have vanished, but your eyes will look fresh!
  7. Avoid Unruly Hair: So, you wear your hair long and you always fear of damaging it while sleeping. It’s true that turning over during the night will cause friction that will lead to frizz and breakage. The simple fix is to switch to satin pillowcases because their slippery surface will let your hair to glide all through the night with minimum damage. Sleeping in a loose braid will also help prevent knots in the morning.
  8. Silk pillowcase: Get yourself a silk pillowcase! Not only it’s a true luxury experience, but also, sleeping on a silk pillowcase can be beneficial for your hair, reducing split ends; silk also can help keep your face look fresh and crease-free in the morning!

Do you have any more natural ways to make your skin glow? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.