How To Use Rose Water for Beauty

Rose, or rosewater, is one of the most amazing ingredients that you can add to your beauty regime. It helps soften your skin and gives it a naturally healthy glow. Rosewater can be used in variety of ways for both skin and hair. It is the cheapest and easiest way to incorporate rosewater in beauty treatments.

It used to be added to baths as also to treat mild skin conditions. They are found in many cosmetic products these days. Rose water is an excellent beauty product, which not only makes your skin feel fresh, but also gives it a radiant glow. Rosewater can be used in a million ways and today I will share some ideas and tips on how you can use rosewater for your skin and hair.

The Most Effective Rosewater Beauty Tips

  1. Rosewater is very good for oily skin as it controls oil secretion. Take some fuller earth and mix it with rose water. Make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face for around 20 minutes and then wash off. This pack will clean your pores and will control excess oil secretion. You can do this 2-3 times a week.
  2. Most toners available in the market are filled with chemicals and alcohol content. Using these on a regular basis on your skin will strip it off moisture. A better and more natural alternative to these chemically laden toners is to opt for rose water.
  3. It has astringent like properties, which is why it is used after facials and clean ups to close open pores. Applying rose water after steaming tightens capillaries, reduces redness and blotchiness.
  4. Hair Rinse: Another way I incorporate rosewater into my beauty regimen is to use it as a hair rinse (2 Tablespoons per 1 cup of water). After I shampoo and condition my hair, I thoroughly rinse and then follow up with the rosewater mix. It’s excellent for skin and leaves a very delicate scent in my locks.
  5. Add rose water to a cucumber paste. Take a cucumber and make it into paste. Then add rose water to it, and apply it to the face. Wash it after 15 minutes.
  6. After shampooing your hair as usual, take one cup of rosewater and use this as a final rinse on your hair. It will condition your hair deeply and will add a shine to your hairs. Rosewater has a nice fragrance too and using this conditioner will also leave a scent on your hair for entire day.
  7. Many recipes, particularly Eastern ones that call for almonds or pistachios, will have rose water as well! The flavors blend really well and work in cookies, pastries and other desserts. Be careful not to overuse rose water, which can be overpowering, but use just the right amount for both the scent and taste of rose that delightfully fills your senses.
  8. Rose water can also be used along with your daily cream to make use of its benefits. Add a few drops of rosewater to your daily cream or moisturizer. Each time you apply the cream it will help the skin become soft and supple.

These are some of the many benefits of rosewater for skin. It is easily available and is very affordable. Make it a part of your daily beauty and skin care routine to get glowing and healthy skin. Do leave us a comment and tell us if you liked this article!