Beauty Tips for Looking Awesome During your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life changing experience for a woman. In pregnancy you may remain smart, because it is not an embarrassing situation, but this is a chance of happiness which comes to home and every one waiting for this happiness after marriage. The new member i.e. son or daughter who is coming has some relation with every member of the house i.e. someone’s brother, sister, grandson. Everyone is desperate to find this happiness. Pregnant women should not feel guilty for their external changes because it impacts on unborn child. You can also maintain yourself beautiful and attractive in this state, it just needs to take slight care.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Being pregnant can be hard on the body and beauty so in order to look after it, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with low stress and plenty of healthy eating.. Here is a list of some beauty tips that can help during a pregnancy.


Drink water frequently to keep you and the baby nourished. Remember you are drinking for two while you are pregnant, keeping a 2 litre bottle of water around is always a good technique.


When you aren’t resting, exercise. Take walks, go swimming or take water aerobics, do whatever activities your ob-gyn says is okay for your particular stage of gestated bliss. Exercise is great for the skin, perks up the mental attitude, keeps the kilos down, and promotes your baby’s health too.


You can style your hair but avoid tying them tight as the hair cells are weak due to high estrogen levels in the body. Hair loss is a common problem during pregnancy so one important beauty tip is to oil the hair overnight before washing them. Also avoid colouring the hair. It is best to stay natural to look pretty during pregnancy.


It is best to have healthy and nutritious food such as fresh vegetables and fruits during pregnancy. This keeps the skin glowing and improves the blood circulation in the body. Green leafy vegetables are a must have. Also have lots of fruit juice and water to stay hydrated and clean the toxins from the system.

Avoiding Under Eye Circles

Under eye circles sometimes come along with morning sickness because you get dehydrated, and it shows up in the thinning skin under the eyes. Drink plenty of water throughout your pregnancy.


Have proper and sufficient sleep to rejuvenate the skin and avoid getting dark circles during pregnancy. Having the right food and proper sleep also prevents hair loss during pregnancy.

Body Massage

This is one of the secret to look pretty and beautiful during pregnancy. Pregnant woman get stretch marks which can be really embarrassing at times. So, a body massage not only reduces body pain especially back pain but also relaxes the mind. Having stress is common during pregnancy so women must try to relax and feel fresh! This is a great beauty tip to look pretty and beautiful throughout pregnancy and even after that.

Take Caution with Acne Treatment

Some women get acne from the drastic hormonal surges of pregnancy. Check with your doctor before using anything remotely medicinal: your skin may absorb chemicals that aren’t good for the baby. The acne is temporary, and will disappear once your body’s hormone levels have evened out.


Don’t quit applying makeup completely. Mineral makeup is good at occasions. Always apply natural kajal to look fresh and wash the face with toner. You can apply homemade face packs to get glowing and clear skin. These are natural remedies with no side effects and are easy to make too! Always apply sunscreen before stepping out to prevent sun burns.