Deepak Parwani Designs at Veet Fashion Show 2010

Designer Deepak Parwani Dress Designs Collection at Veet Fashion Week 2010

{SCA} Deepak Parwani is a Pakistani top and famous dress designer. Fashion designer Deepak Parwani has set his signature name by the name of himself, “Deepak Perwani”. This man is not just a man but an icon. Dress designer Deepak Parwani never follows the traditional or ongoing Fashion statement of the country, rather he makes ‘his own’.

Veet hosted a mega fashion show in Karachi, Pakistan at the PC Hotel on May 21, 2010 under the theme of Veet Celebration of Beauty (VCB). In in this post we present a list of stylish and impressive pictures gallery of Deepak Parwani Designs at Veet Fashion Show 2010 that will certainly impress you.

Designer Deepak Parwani Dresses at Veet Fashion Show 2010 in Karachi Pakistan – Photo Gallery