Designer Feeha Jamshed Dress Collection 2010

Feeha Jamshed Life History and Success Story

{SCA} Feeha Jamshed is respected as heir to TeeJays. However, if the rumors are true then this respect could be short lived. She is a daughter of wall famous designer Tanvir Jamshed.

This young designer has been fresh breeze for Pakistani fashion with her unique sense of style and her very experimental approach to Pakistani fashion. The very recent Pakistan Fashion Week had she had playing a very important role. She showcased and wowed everyone with the display of fashion creativity but still managed to conform to Pakistani fashion standards.

Feeha Jamshed, Tanvir Jamshed’s young and dynamic daughter (popularly known as Feejay) along with her good friend (she calls him ‘brother’) Rizwanullah are now taking this fashion legacy forward. This team of two are now the creative and marketing force behind Teejay’s.

Rizwan and Feeha have managed to put together their first retail collection for Teejay’s, the Eid collection and it is a delightful assortment of cotton suits and kurtis. Curled up on a leather couch, with an earnest Rizwan by her side, Feeha explains the design philosophy and ideas she and Rizwan have for Teejay’s come back.

Feeha and Rizwan enjoy a great working relationship and bring in two different thought processes together. They enjoy each others sense of style and try and fuse them together to come up with a unique and interesting design and concept. Their designs are a subtle amalgamation of east meets west. Skinny jeans being a rage these days, they have managed to infuse the churidar pajama with kurtis giving the outfit a similar effect with an eastern twist.

Feeha and Rizwan,have a long way to go but equipped with overwhelming dedication, creativity and enthusiasm that they have, its easy to see a load of success come waltzing their way. After all, if there is a brand that commands loyalty in urban minds, it is Teejay’s.

In this post, we have a complete collection of her latest dress designs in our pictures gallery. Enjoy the unique dresses collection by Dress Designer Feeha Jamshed.

Fashion Designer Feeha Jamshed Dresses Collection 2010 – Photo Gallery