Designer Manzar & Hirsch Fabulous Collection 2010

Designer Manzar Hirsch Dresses Collection

{SCA} New Delhi based designer duo Manzar & Hirsch is renowned in fashion enclaves for exquisitely draped and embroidered haute couture.

Bringing contemporary vision to the age-old art of Indian embroidery and rendering it in ever innovative designs is their forte.

Their label, Manzar & Hirsch, retails through reputed design houses in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Their collection boasts an alluringly fresh outlook of unadulterated elegance. Chic tailoring with feminine proportions, subdued extravagance with pristine features indicates a style that cuts through cultural variations and enhances the wearer’s individuality.

The subtle emotional aesthetic of this collection radiates a glimpse of pure optimism even in today’s seemingly bleak times.

Their color palette comprises predominantly nudes, beige’s and ivories with hints of metallic sharpness, and surprising spurts of colour. The silhouettes range from the timeless sari, to ethereal dresses and tunics teamed with gathered leggings and stoles. Frivolous pleat textures interplay with embroidery to create a special feel.

Samsaara Dubai hosts the Manzar & Hirsch haute couture collection where their runway creations are showcased, and customized individual ensembles can be ordered as well.

Manzar & Hirsch Dress Designs Collection at Dubai Fashion Week 2010 – Photo Gallery