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{SCA} Jilbabs Abayas Designs: Islamic dress, also called hijab, jilbab, abaya, burqa, burkha or burka is worn by Muslims in modern Islamic countries and by many Muslims who live in countries that are not primarily Islamic.

It can be a challenge as a modern muslima to both respect your religion and dress in the 21st century. But, with a few basic dressing principles and some great tricks, you can build trendy, modest outfits for any occasion.

Here I would like to give some information on Modest Islamic clothing which may be worth for you to select better and best suited options available in market and also available on internet on online purchasing websites. I did some research from internet and come to know that Islamic ladies prefer wearing long flowing garments that cover the entire body and is modest.

What qualifies as “modest” varies in different Muslim societies, however women are usually required to cover more of their bodies than men are. Islams set of clothing standards for personal modesty reflects in the various styles of clothing among Muslims. While such standards may seem out-dated or conservative to some people, Muslims view these values of public decency as timeless.

The practice of wearing jilbabs or dressing modestly is complicated as it is practiced differently in accordance with country to country. Coming to India in southern part, Muslim women prefer wearing Salwar Kameez with light scarf where as in Kashmir they like to wear burqa.

Muslim ladies in Pakistan like to wear abaya, hijab, jilbab, etc. The main motive was to tell you that usually women’s are getting the traditional black and brown in market. But now there are so many companies have come in market that we can get variety of Modest Islamic clothing sitting at home.

Jilbab and abaya has gained popularity in the world that it reaches to every Muslim female population in all trendy styles and also in plain and simple styles. It gained such popularity that it became a compulsory dress for female Muslims population to keep the religious norms and believes.

In a modern urban society, such as that of many Middle Eastern cities, women’s Islamic dress usually consists of a skirt that reaches the ankles, a long-sleeved shirt, and a headscarf, also called a hijab. Some women may wear a western style jacket over their blouse, and many wear slacks or jeans with a long-sleeved shirt and hijab.

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