Kalid Swaid Fashion Designer Clothes Collection 2010

Kalid Swaid Dress Designer Designs

{SCA} Kalid Swaid is a famous Fashion Designer in the Middle East region. The Studio Kalid Ready to Wear Line is designed to be inovative, fun, elegant, and exciting.

The line is dedicated to the Style and elegance that is assosiated with Women of the Gulf region, a concept of beauty known all over the world .

The Studio Kalid line is also designed to introduce this concept of elegance and it’s availablility to the women of the rest of the world.

The Studio Kalid Line is dramitic, chic, sophisticated, and accessable, designed to appeal across all cultures. The Studio kalid Line is not just designed or limited to the Middle Eastern Female although the designs stay true to her elegance.

His mission to Redefine Middle East fashion through innovation with the elevation of Ready to Wear, Couture, and Private Design to a new level of function, style, and excitement while maintaining the elegance that People of the region has always been known for thrugh out history and to introduce this concept of elegance to the world.

Designer Kalid Swaid Dresses Collection at Dubai Fashion Week 2010 – Photo Gallery