Nisha Sagar Fashion Designer Stylish Dresses 2010

Dress Designer Nisha Sagar Designs

{SCA} Nisha Sagar is a designer that is very close to nature. She sees the beauty in God’s creations and ushers the echo of same poetry through her own designs.

Like any other creative artiste, she began painting her imagination, which flowed quite naturally onto cloth and designs.

Of-course, her first designs were for herself but soon, after her talent was admired and envied by many, she moved into the world of fashion, designing for top celebrities & icons like Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan, Poonam Dhillon, Bhagyashree, Padmini Kohlapuri & many others. Then there was no turning back.

She rose the incline further when her designs were sought after even by the corporate women like Jyoti Hinduja, Tina Ambani & Jyoti Raheja. Pinnacle was when British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blaire also requested Nisha Sagar to clothe her with exquisite indo-western outfits.

Her Masters in Economics from Mumbai University coupled with her inspirations from beautiful Bollywood portraits has moved her up the ladder into becoming one of the top notch and versatile trend setters.

Besides India, she has held fashion shows at places like Detroit, London, Chicago, Durban, Dubai, Mauritius, Nairobi.

Designer Nisha Sagar Dress Designs Collection at Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) 2010 – Photo Gallery

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  2. Nisha Sagar is one of most famous dress designer of India.She moved into world of fashion and designed dresses for top celebrities.she is talented lady.she has held many fashion shows.

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