Nishat Lawn Complete Collection 2011-12 (Part 2)

Nishat Textile Mills are among the few great names in Pakistan’s Textile Industry, produce high quality fabrics and flirt with beautiful designs in glorifying colors. This time the summer collection is in stores quite early.  Famous for its exceptional design and color coding, Nishat  this time has engulfed cozy colors and prints in its Nishat Charmouse Chiffon Summer Collection 2011. Use of floral details on light hues and against sharp back ground has made this collection distinctive and conquering for summer days.

Nishat Spring/Summer Collection for 2011 is out and available. Each year, Nishat’s Nisha Collection commends new designs in newest trends. In 2011, the promise to give the finest and the fanciest has yet again been fulfilled with an exciting surprise!

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