Shaiyanne Malik at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2010

Label SamanZar by Shaiyanne Malik PFDC Fashion Style

Designer Shaiyanne Malik showcasing her label SamanZar’s formal collection entitled ‘Kama’. The SamanZar collection reflected the designer’s ode to love and through fashion, offered a plea to invoke a positive passion stronger than the current negativity. ‘Kama’ was also inspired by ancient and lost civilizations. This collection including both women and men’s wear in a combination of conventional fabrics including silks and jamawars fused with unconventional fabrics like linen and raw cotton. Walking the ramp for Shaiyanne Malik were actresses Fizza and Sana and stylist Natasha Saigol.

Shaiyanne Malik Fashion Trend

SamamZar fashion house was launched by Shaiyanne Malik over two decades ago and is known particularly for its bridal and couture and lines. Shaiyanne Malik’s forte are her label’s embellishments and embroideries. The label’s signature is to create collections steeped in historical romance and culture.