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{SCA} Silk Lehenga Choli: Lehenga choli is all-time favorite dress for South Asian especially Indian women. It is not a new addition in today’s’ self-conscious fashion industry, it has its glorious root in ancient Mughal period which has extended up to today’s splashy ramps 2010, from designers item to bridal attire, and from a rural female traditional dress to gorgeous party attires. Everywhere Lehenga Choli has been considered as the tribute to ageless beauty where glamour, sobriety, and respect for tradition ooze out of the every fold and frill of the dress, be it a wedding ceremony or simple get together.

Lehenga choli has not changed remarkably from its ancient siblings, rather its gorgeousness has kept designers bewitched to change anything about this royal attire. This dress is comprised of three parts, dupatta, the choli is the blouse, and the long skirt is the lehenga.

Whatever experiments and alteration is done on Lehenga choli is on its fabric material and out of the wide array of fabrics, silk Lehenga choli still has occupied the best popularity stake for its glamour, gorgeousness, preciousness, and elegance. In fact the silk Lehenga choli is the carry forward version of old traditional attire, in Mughal era the fabric for this dress was silk and brocade prevalently, now the dupatta and long skirts are made of linen, silk, and fine chiffon etc.

Thanks to our fashion designers, some new looks on Lehenga Choli has been added and these have earned huge popularity between youngsters and celebrities, but for all the types and ranges, and shapes, use of silk has become more reliable and adorable dress material.

The most popular style is fish tail lehenga choli, straight cut lehenga, mermaid lehenga, Kali ghagra lehenga, circular lehenga, Paneled Lehengas, lehenga with flair and A-line lehenga etc. The conventional female dress of Indian village is mostly ghagra choli. Women belonging to affluent circle of society and from royal backgrounds used only silk made ones made with heavy satin, natural silk. Sometimes they prefer to get jewel studded silken Lehenga choli with gold and silver embroidery with precious stones.

Silk made lehenga choli are mainly used as wedding and festive dress. There are different types of silk fabrics used in the silk lehenga which comes with heavy art work of brocade and ornamentations by golden and silver threads, studded with semi-precious stones. The lustrous satin look of silk complements this fine artistry and goes in tune with usual gorgeousness of Indian wedding and festive occasions.

Silk lehenga choli is a unique outfit which never goes out of fashion trend and attunes perfectly with colorful ambience of Indian tradition; it drapes perfect, can be at perfect shape for a long time, and radiates a natural feminine elegance of its own.

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