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Bubya Chaudhry comparatively a fresh face in pakistan’s fashion industry. Fashion modeling is enhancing tremendously with the every passing day, because of the people working devotedly to make it an ideal one. Some of those people are the Fashion models, Fashion Models represents the Fashion industry and they also add colors in it. One of such model is the Fashion Model Rubya Chaudhry.

Rubya Chaudhry is a Model who entered the field a few years ago. Rubya Chaudhry has only been around a short time but is all set to rock the arty scene more due to the passion she has for the performing arts rather than talent. She give different types of Fashion shoots to many Fashion magazines and commercials. Fashion model Rubya Chaudhry has got an ideal height and a perfect Model figure with the gorgeous looks. She is submerged up to her ears in her histrionic work and has no time for a breather. Hailing from an educated and a liberal family, they never had a problem when Rubya decided it was showbiz for her. The unique and admiring face cuts of Fashion model Rubya Chaudhry actually makes her prominent among other Fashion models.

Fashion model Rubya Chaudhry is not just a fashion model but an actress, She has done many TV plays and presented her acting skills as well. She has yet to get to the heart of acting and take on more challenging and heart wrenching roles. But she is most prominent in the series 6 Degrees being aired on Hum TV. She has done it all, acting, modelling and has also been on the ramp. And all this in her carefree manner which is evident in her way of thinking and talking.

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