Get Healthy Hair with Natural Treatment

Head the crown of the body, if not covered by beautiful thick hair spoils the entire look of a person. So looking after hair or hair care is as important as looking after any other part of the body. Today hair are affected by many factors as environment, pollution, harmful chemicals, lack of proper diet, stress, harmful UV Rays, lack of sleep etc. so even if one gets naturally beautiful hair, one needs to care more about them to maintain them.

There are a million different ways we can damage our hair, whether it’s from a weekly swim or just being out in the sun unprotected. So what’s hair’s version of a chocolate-encrusted donut topped with sprinkles? A regular dose of one of these intensive treatments that are guaranteed to leave you with healthy hair.

Treatments for Oily Hair

Hair becomes oily for some people because of excess secretion of oil by the oil glands. Oily hair has a beautiful look for 1-2 days after shampooing but becomes sticky later. You should wash oily hair twice or thrice a week. Here are some homemade tips.

  • Mild shampoo is to be used for washing oily hair. You should frequently wash them.
  • One teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel should be mixed with one tablespoon of lemon juice along with one-fourth of shampoo. This mixture can be used for washing them regularly.
  • You can apply carrot puree for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Treatments for Dull Hair

If your hair has lost its shine and body, it may be the result of too much product buildup. The ingredients in shampoo, conditioner and other styling products can leave your hair flat and dull. In order to break down any excess product that has accumulated on your hair, every month or so use a rinse that removes buildup.

Place one-quarter cup of baking soda into a bowl and add water to create a paste. You may need more baking soda if your hair is long.

Apply the paste to damp hair, from the roots to the tips. Massage into your scalp and cover your head with a shower cap. Allow the paste to set for 15-20 minutes while you create your hair rinse.

Mix one part apple cider vinegar with four parts cool water and 10 drops of lavender essential oil (or any other scent that you prefer). The fragrance of the essential oil will help to mask the vinegar smell.

Shampoo your hair as normal, using cool water to wash and rinse. As your final rinse, use the lavender vinegar mixture to remove any buildup remaining in your hair.

Treatments for Thinning hair

Volume is important for those with thinning hair. Although volumizing shampoos and conditioners can help, this homemade treatment of nettle tea also will add volume to your hair.

Nettle is an herb that is common in the Mediterranean. The roots, leaves and seeds of the nettle are known for their numerous health benefits. Nettle tea can aid in fighting nearly everything, from coughs and asthma to muscle pain and arthritis. Additionally, it is used for skin and hair problems, intestinal disorders and allergies. Nettle tea can be used to add volume to your hair, since it coats and thickens the hair shaft. You can find nettle tea online and at natural food stores.

Steep a nettle tea bag in boiling water. Allow the tea to cool off and then pour it through clean, damp hair. Do not rinse; style hair as usual.

Treatments for Dry Hair

This might sound like a fruit salad recipe, but it’s actually a wonderful deep conditioner for dry, damaged hair. The acid& in fruit (especially citrus fruit) helps to add shine and manageability to hair, while powerful antioxidants protect hair from harmful environmental pollutants.

Blend together half of a banana, one-quarter of a cantaloupe, one-quarter of an avocado, 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil, 1 tablespoon of yogurt and the contents of a vitamin E capsule.

Apply generously throughout hair. Cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and leave in for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Treatments for Frizzy Hair

Thin, frizzy hair looks damaged and lifeless; you can restore the radiance and eliminate the frizz with coconut oil.

Never rub your hair vigorously with a towel this can damage the hair shaft and make it even frizzier. Instead pat your hair dry with a thick, absorbent towel to get rid of excess water. Rub a small amount of coconut oil into the palm of your hand and then through your hair. Apply a little bit at a time you’ll want your hair to look healthy, not oily.

You can also create a hair tonic for frizzy hair by mixing gin and egg yolks. Beat two egg yolks until frothy and then add two teaspoons of gin. Beat the mixture with a fork or hand mixer until it becomes foamy. Massage into your hair and scalp; then rinse with warm water.

Treatments for Normal Hair

Normal hair does not require much care and it is easy to manage. A healthy and well-balanced diet is enough for maintaining normal hair. However, know some tips for proper hair care.

  • One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds are to be soaked overnight. Ground them next morning and apply to the hair. After one hour, rinse and wash with shampoo.
  • You can get a good look to normal hair by washing hair with white vinegar periodically.
  • You can obtain a healthy hair by drinking one cup of combination of lettuce and spinach juice.

In addition to these tips, here are some guidelines for preventing hair loss. Hair loss is a common problem for many of us today. Natural herbs and oils including rosemary, sage, Aloe Vera and others are the best home remedies for preventing it. Wash your hair with the strained liquid derived from boiling rosemary, peach leaf and nettles. You hair becomes shiny and silky when Aloe Vera is used in combination with coconut milk. All the homemade remedies included here can be prepared at your home. Thus you can get a better and cost-effective hair care from them.

Some best Tips for Healthy Hair

Maintain a Healthy Diet

One of the most important ways to keep a head full of healthy, strong hair is to start from within. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will keep hair growing strong. Beans, fish, and almonds are great to incorporate into your diet as well as supplements such as vitamin B and calcium.

Use the Right Tools

You might not realize that the combs and brushes that you use could be promoting unhealthy hair. Use combs that have wide teeth and avoid the ones that are tiny because they tend to pull out more hair. When choosing a brush, select one that has protective rubber tips on the ends.

Try Not to Scratch

If you have itchy hair, avoid scratching. Buy anti-itch and dandruff products that could relieve your scalp problems. If over-the-counter products fail you, then see a dermatologist.

Conditioning is Key

Be sure to always condition your hair after washing. Shampoo is actually for your scalp and conditioner is for your hair. Condition your hair as much as possible and try to deep condition your hair weekly.

Stay Moisturized

Dry hair is not healthy. You hair needs moisture just as your body does. Keep hair moisturized daily. Depending on your hair type, you might have to moisturize more or less often. Experiment with different types of moisturizers that won’t weight down your hair.

Use the Right Products

The right products are key to healthy hair. Not every product works for everyone, but you have to buy and experiment with different brands to see which one works for you. The best way to get the best product is to try it for yourself.

Cut Down on Chemicals

Try to cut down on the amount of chemicals that you allow on your hair. Chemicals from perms, relaxers, and color treatments can cause serious damage to your hair. Even if you do not see it at that moment, it could lead to long-term damage on your hair, causing thinning and breakage.

Avoid Heat

Heat is one of the biggest reasons why people suffer from consistent hair damage. Blow drying, flat ironing, hot combing, and curling your hair too much will indeed cause damage resulting in breakage.

Trim Frequently

If you have any split ends, it is important to cut them before they continue to split right up to the hair follicle. By trimming your hair on a regular basis as needed, you keep your healthy hair maintained and free from breakage.

Sleep Right

At night, your hair has to be protected. Do not go to sleep with wet hair because that will lead to friction that could cause damage. If you have drier hair, be sure to cover your hair at night with a silk head wrap to prevent any damage.